High prices constraints VR throughout, but lower price can solve the problem?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
Someone says nine DVR virtual reality experience pavilion, is claimed to some of the original is very general skills to overturn type set, and that consumers in the previous full of waiting. But, in spite of virtual reality in fifty years has been presented, virtual reality is only in wearing equipment set up two pieces of LCD screen, only with a digital structure a comprehensive surround impression to the person, only is to use the head followed skills, let people in the rolling head to watch in all over the world. However, from the experience 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion is a real empathy experience, our vision is really exists in the virtual image, our body is also felt the physical impact of virtual international. Constraints of VR in high price, and VR equipment price decline is from the 'niche' welcome step towards' the masses'. As is known to all, VR theme park to be really in VR content, also need to handle the application, network mechanism and so on. And there no negligence is an important part of VR. It will break the shackles of time and space, the multiple VR user interaction through a new way to join together. Sighted people all know, a moving quickly become bigger ball is likely to hit his face. But foreign psychologists new research indicate that people in the use of VR theme park VR head watch objects, also need some rated visual clue, ability to reach the same as in the actual international visual effect. 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion used method is the integration of sensual simulation. It experience of the equipment by the traditional channels of VR headsets and dynamic effects, high-definition interactive film, in addition to simulate the visual, auditory sense, also by using dynamic simulation skills, after and the visual accurate synchronization channel dynamic effects, recovery of the sense of touch, displacement and centrifugal feeling movement feeling. More it is worth mentioning that form a complete set of 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion used special 9 d game film, from the loom to set many of the interactive link, the user can use the handle to the human-computer interaction, which makes them more like 'day in the virtual international, rather than on the sidelines, dragonflies water. And VR theme park in VR education aspect, because the VR channels open compatibility, collaborative between colleges, teachers and students to take part in the manufacturing, from digital modeling with foil, to late programming and interactive, only more than a year of time will be more professional 'key centers' import channels, including machinery, aviation, chemical industry and so on more than 20 sets of VR courseware, and even tens of thousands of parts of large aircraft engine generates three-dimensional mathematical model of VR. Campus teaching is oblong yu introduced, the center will also pay electronic information, materials science, rail engineering, fashion design, such as the school all new engineering channels open. 'the teachers and students can place oneself in international around the subway track, face-to-face interaction, education, and to prevent test or field operation risks. ”
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