Have the earthquake experience pavilion in the campus

by:Fuhua     2020-11-11

earthquake experience pavilion, jianggan district recently completed a campus in the sino view primary school. This earthquake experience pavilion area of more than 120 square meters, including a earthquake experience pavilion hut, can simulate a magnitude 8 earthquake. Experience the cabin can be a accommodate nearly more than 10 students participate in the experience, what is the area of 20 square meters. In addition, the science museum also equipped with a tornado escape simulation system, simulation of lightning system, simulation system and earthquake magnitude of simulator, longitudinal wave, shear wave demonstrator science experiment equipment, etc. Sino view primary school is jianggan district only a popular science education base mitigation of earthquake disasters in zhejiang province, hangzhou popular science education demonstration school against and mitigation of earthquake disasters is jianggan district eyas chapter chapter for activities since the protection of a chapter on base, and the second classroom of primary and secondary schools.

as a popular science education base, sino view primary school it has held for the first time at the scene of the earthquake emergency drill in hangzhou, hangzhou city, also held many love celebrate the Olympic earthquake science summer camp of science and technology, such as this year launched by the state seismological bureau and the peace of the operation disaster prevention propaganda thousand city in zhejiang province standing start ceremony is in the elementary school. After the completion of the earthquake science popularization experience pavilion has social public welfare, in addition to the students is open to the community.

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