Guangzhou fire experience pavilion, what are the factory

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

guangzhou is a city with a population of more than, is the capital of guangdong, so special attention when it comes to fire safety, the lives of many people, because fire safety and fire fighting experience pavilion is a popular science education venues, here you can learn a lot of knowledge of popular science education, then guangzhou fire experience pavilion, what are the factory? Fuhua intelligent technology professional experience pavilion from fire test, has more than 10 years of development experience. The company has development and design team, sales team, construction team, sales after-sales team. Strength strong background, can supply the need for every customer to develop products. Our experience in fire pavilion, can experience what, or what kind of feeling? In life we may encounter fire, then when we meet, what should we do? First of all, we must be calm, don't, then we'll see, have their own floor refuge floor, if you have to enter the refuge floor, or ladders to flee to safety. If living in high, in the escape, and always remember, don't go to the elevator, is likely to be trapped in the lift. If it is found that escape route was cut off, then you should return to the indoor, close the doors and Windows. Water with a towel and cover your mouth.

these relevant knowledge, in fire fighting experience museum can be experienced, and guangzhou fire experience pavilion, fuhua intelligent technology in this aspect can also help you build such experience, allow you to experience a variety of fire scene, such as high-rise escape, or self extinguishing, etc. , can be experienced.

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