Global medical personnel using VR technology for disease resistance training

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
Now a global outbreak of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia, disastrous loss to the people all over the world, in response to the outbreak, companies are trying to. VR field. In order to let the other department of doctors and nurses can quickly learn new knowledge. Let them as soon as possible into the field, some hospitals have started some new solutions, through the way of VR training resistance to disease. The following is a part of the case: headquartered in Los Angeles, Cedars - Sinai hospital, has more than 300 doctors learned skills, such as by VR can be used to evaluate the patient's symptoms or while wearing protective equipment for hands-only CPR. At present, the national hospital doctors and nurses are taking all kinds of special training for coronavirus, including how to correctly wear protective equipment, how to use breathing machine ( Usually only used by intensive care personnel) , learning about CPR and life support, such as basic diagnosis and management. But because of time and resources are limited, therefore such as VR technology opened the gate to fill the gap in the fields of medicine. In consideration of the health care industry has long been a VR early adopters, from it is used as medical procedures and even dentist dispersed treatment, to provide the surgeon training methods, this is the natural place for hospitals to. Metcalfe - Smith, 梅特卡夫- 史密斯) Said: 'we found that the observation [ The doctor thought] - the process is very valuable And all this is done through social alienation. '' because we can't together will be a large team, now we have to rely on the technology - to provide the same experience We are grateful for that. 'The hospital USES startups Virti software, the software provides a detailed feedback and indicators, the medical professionals may need more practice. 香柏树, Used in the Sinai was started in January, but as the spread, its promotion in mid-march to more health professionals. Virti founder Dr Alex Young said: 'our hope is that these exercises can reflect what is happening in the real world. '' through simulation enables users to stay alone in isolation chamber, where they can see the nurses and doctors in and out, so they can understand this situation is more terrible for patients. It's easy to forget basic knowledge in communication by face mask, so this situation will help in the work of the head of a bed. 'In the past three weeks, the company in the United States, Britain, and in the hospital and the university of Israel signed the 70000 new users. Usually, the trainees in the estimator and its companion behind a glass wall to watch the learning environment. In this case, the remote control of the human body model as a patient. But virtual simulator allows medical professionals in hospital or home by VR head show or tablet to practice the skills required. Early clinical studies of VR training has confirmed that these tools can effectively reduce the damage, speed up the process and improve the overall effect. According to the published in the journal of medical education and professional development of the research, 2018, by VR training 'training compared with through traditional methods, has a lower error and higher accuracy'.
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