Global immersion design industry development report 2019: the market value of over $4. 5 billion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-02
The second global summit was held in the west coast of the United States, immersion design from France, immersive experience in different countries, such as Sweden and Britain, the creator gathered in San Francisco, communication, and summarizes the creative experience in their field. Meeting for the first time issued a 'global immersion design industry development report', for the whole industry background, history, scope and influence to review and summarize several aspects, such as all did, and gives some quantitative data to help understand the industry development situation and future prospect. By 2018, immersive entertainment industry around the world with more than $4. 5 billion of market value, it also does not include a $45. 2 billion theme park industry, both added up to was nearly $50 billion of the size of the market, has been far more than the $41. 1 billion global film market. Even if to remove part of VR theme park, immersion do not underestimate the size of the entertainment industry. After get the report in Chinese version of the official authorization, the NeXT SCENE compiled team since the end of May 2019, after 2 months, the original English translation, proofreading, drawing again, and joined the convenient annotation for Chinese readers to understand, to help domestic more creators and industry organizations to understand the whole immersion design picture and the future. In 2018, immersive entertainment industry has more than 4. 5 billion dollars. This figure does not include the $45. 2 billion theme park industry. The first industry's annual report focuses on the gain and loss of immersive entertainment industry, as well as the intrinsic principle and law of development in this field. For this is still in the rapid development of emerging industries, this article on the various products in the field of qualitative and quantitative analysis, to explore the possible long-term and far-reaching influence. Although has immersion elements work there already a long time, but it was not until recent years, these works to gradually develop into a molding industry. The design concept of immersion across many fields, forcing entertainment, retail, education and social activities, and many other fields are produced revolutionary changes. The report by the creator of the immersive entertainment industry, the reporters who authored sponsors, investors and industry. Value of the report for the industry at the same time also emphasized the immersive industry can make the audience experience more meaningful sense qualities. These characteristics shows that the immersive experience can potentially through the form of a bold innovation, to provide the audience experience more rich and more engaged. Immersive entertainment industry is in the ever-changing high-speed development, contains a variety of industry segment and the branch knowledge, some of them have been reaching maturity, others is still in its infancy. This song immersive entertainment industry's annual report aims to summarize recent developments in the industry and the status quo.
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