GDC 2020 Facebook: VR issue, business and multiplayer games

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
GDC was originally scheduled for March 16 solstice 20, 2020 in San Francisco, but because of the new champions league before the outbreak of consideration, the organizers decided to activity time delay to this summer. But then a lot of developers and publishers are said to do a lot of preparation for this activity, dispersing pertains plan will thus be disrupted, GDC official final was held as scheduled, but instead to online activities. For GDC activities every year, one of the most popular link is obviously to developers of science popularization and inspiring speech. So, Facebook this year as we prepared three relevant keynote, and is designed to help you successfully develop and distribute games. Are 'VR Business Best Practices ( VR business best practices) onOculus推出游戏”、“最佳实践( The best practice in the Oculus game) 的未来”,以及“玩在一起,多人在哪里在VR ( Play a game of the future and the development direction of VR multiplayer games) ”。 1, the best practice in the Oculus game Oculus store operations manager Richard tak ( 理查德·鸭) Like to introduce you to a successful issue games and attract the attention of skills and experience. He will teach you the game at the same time submit the contents of the auditing and common errors, and make your work submission process more smoothly. Whether using the right hardware to test, debug before submitting application, or to determine the best distribution plan, tak provides the skills and experience can help you succeed in the Oculus shop. 2, VR business best practices with the Quest and RiftS, VR development momentum is more positive. Oculus developer relations (Dan morris, Dan Morris) Will introduce the current Facebook status in the field of VR, including is doing, is making a breakthrough, and what will happen next. Next is the product manager Greg Smith ( 格雷格•史密斯) Success, he will explain to help promote the new tools of the game. Advantage from more than one platform release, as well as on how to properly adjust the scope of the game, optimization techniques of sales promotion strategy, etc. That morris and Smith will provide you with a series of best practices, to ensure that your VR games a success. 3, a total of playing games in the future and the development direction of VR multiplayer games like traditional games, multiplayer games are becoming a more important part of VR in the ecosystem. Product manager, Michael Howard, Mike Howard) And content distribution manager Bruce wootton, 布鲁斯木) Preview the upcoming for Oculus Platform release of social function, and discusses the team accumulated experience and lessons and best practices. Online experience for the hope to continuous and dynamic to VR developers, this is a very valuable learning. Howard and wootton of asynchronous multiplayer capabilities, and VR games to screen outside the ability advantage in terms of community construction. They predict more than the future of the VR will be competitive, frictionless, and community driven experience.
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