Fuhua VR fire pavilion, real simulation of the scene of the fire, fire safety can't poked fun!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

fuhua VR fire pavilion, real simulation of the scene of the fire, fire safety can't poked fun!

fire safety education is indispensable to our life safety knowledge. I've seen and heard a lot of news reports in fire loss many vivid life, adult children or elderly women seemed so powerless in front of the disaster. I asked my friends, you can correct use the fire extinguisher? Almost a lot of people is mouth say, but in fact have no chance to try to practice fire! I also asked what is the most terrible fires they meet? Said eighty percent of the answers are all fire, actually is wrong, the smoke of the fire is the greatest danger!

VR fire pavilion is a what things? Said to the fire drill, I believe, a lot of people have attended all of a sudden on the class/on the class, and then the fire alarm rang, we are idling about an indifferent appearance, even for fun! Yes, in the name of the fire drill is just a formality, there is no content output, real fire, in addition to the fire and smoke, the biggest hidden danger is the people trampled, but these for without the experience of the scene of the fire is difficult to the east. So we launched a VR products & ndash; — Fire experience pavilion. A true have the experience in the scene of the fire of fire science products. Fire pavilion is a new technology of virtual reality full of positive energy equipment, research and development of fire pavilion beginner's mind is to let everybody away from the fire threat, learn to fire safety knowledge, make up for the inadequacy of fire education now.

we urge everyone should be for the sake of life of their own safety, for the sake of their relatives and friends around. Therefore, we provide free chance to experience the fire pavilion fuhua, if you need, please feel free to contact our website online customer service, have any questions or related safety science do not understand the question can be consulting us, free

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