Fuhua typhoon earthquake museum, vr into the qujing city in yunnan province

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

what VR + science?

the popular science education is the job of the country has always attached great importance, with the development of vr technology, vr science became the important way to solve the problem of science. Not only can let a person experience, empathy, intuitive reflect the extent of the disaster, more of the popular science education plays a very important role.

in recent years, guangzhou is working to deepen the popular science education, fully excavate resources, all parties in society, to the masses science learning platform to build more high quality. According to incomplete survey, guangzhou science project has soared to nearly 500, enough to shows the government is committed to the determination of the popular science education. Market participants, then, how to effectively mobilize social resources, to achieve the goal of the popularization of scientific knowledge popularization?

to stress is that VR as a fast-growing new industry, has virtually for accelerating the depth of the VR technology and popular science education opens the huge opportunity. Defense earthquake, for example, people can through the fuhua intelligent technology VR platform into the virtual scene, earthquake, as it were, to feel the earthquake force and oppressive feeling, grope for survival skills, learning in the process of experience, when an earthquake comes, can calmly deal with! VR + science areas, of course, is not limited to this, such as space, fire, typhoon, traffic safety, etc. At present, as zhuoyuan VR science overall solution provider, has launched including VR technology experience hall, popular science education solutions, such as popular science caravan its activities lower input costs, learning effect is more obvious.

VR for popular science career forward

in fact, fuhua VR science have borne fruit in the whole country, yunnan qujing city kirin VR science area vocational education group, VR + is fuhua VR science education and a successful case.

always adhere to the science education in guangzhou first, to improve quality and advantages of guangzhou popular science education. Fuhua will, which is based on VR, let the masses further growth in the entertainment and popular science knowledge, to guangzhou and even the whole of China make greater contributions to the development of popular science career.

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