Fuhua intelligent technology vr experience pavilion, e-sports market is hot

by:Fuhua     2020-10-19

in 2017, fuhua intelligent technology in vr experience pavilion, released the e-sports operating scheme of vr is aimed at the large users of e-sports market. Vr e-sports, now the tide of the most popular esports, have the advantage of not more than that in vr experience hall, need to have a mature vr e-sports operating plan, let's take a closer look at what on earth is vr experience in vr e-sports.

fuhua vr experience in vr competitive intelligence science and technology, vr machine guns, super battleships, vr treadmill, HTC u-drive.

vr top vr devices, and mobile devices, infinite space to give the player feeling a variety of exciting visual auditory body; Simple and easy to use system background and strong and stable server maintain vr e-sports long-term operation. Like professional e-sports in mainframe computers, at the beginning of the vr e-sports design have powerful hardware foundation, aim to build the strongest images, smooth operation and shock vr experience.

vr HTC u-drive platform, and believe that a lot of attention to vr players know that this is the technology of the world's leading unlimited mobile devices, has a mature motion capture system. Great freedom is walking past few VR games play, collocation such equipment advantages natural V war without explanation, it is first choice players. E-sports is the test if the wisdom and the technology of game, so the comprehensive quality of e-sports is intelligence + VR.

vr HTC u-drive is vr gaming masterpiece, fusion e-sports games on the market hot spots, introduction to simple quick advanced system perfect features to cater to different players. 3 a quality grades generation reduction realistic texture, immersion effect multiplication; Many PVP mode for depth study day and night, subsequent heat rising mode will make the game in succession.

in the e-sports, under the trend of the development of vr e-sports is a very necessary VR simulator, if you experience of vr, also no such equipment, so you need to hurry to buy some of this equipment, let you experience of vr pavilion better profit.

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