From a few to several thousand dollars! The VR with equipment available in the market difference why so big?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
When it comes to VR glasses, first of all, we want to say, the concept of virtual reality. Virtual reality is refers to the user can use visual, auditory and tactile sensing channel natural interaction with virtual world, virtual reality has immersed, indulge sex refers to the user to immersion in the virtual world, the sense of reality to the user is difficult to detect and distinguish itself is in a virtual environment generated by the computer, just like you are dreaming, can't distinguish which is the real world. Maybe you haven't heard the word, but you should be heard, in recent years, the fire of a Japanese anime 'sword god domain', the actor wearing VR glasses, into the virtual game world, avatar characters, experience the fun of online games, this is the virtual reality, and took him into the virtual world, is the VR wore a device, the current VR can't do this, of course. Why VR wearing equipment price deviation so much? At this stage of the VR wearing equipment can bring what? What kind of VR worth buying? Do you know about VR wearing today equipment unknown secret. VR wearing equipment according to the hardware configuration to classification can be divided into three kinds, respectively is: 1, the mobile end, Is the need to into the phone) 2, one head, VR all-in-one, need not into the phone) 3, the exterior joint wear type device ( Need an external host, PS4) 。 Mobile end show need to put in mobile phone, the price is too low. All-in-one and high price of connector on the outside, this is why the VR with equipment available in the market why so big difference. 1. Entry-level mobile terminal VRSMAC VRSMAC rotating lens can directly adjust the object distance and distance, even if the binocular vision is not the same person can also is very good open hole experience, VRSMAC body with ABS and PC material, compared to its panels and other VR glasses, it is not only both sides opened a hole, the front also opened two holes, cooling ability is ok, the lens in hd green glass coating lens, can be largely shielded blu-ray, harmful radiation such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, using VR glasses near the mobile distance, isolated from radiation is excellent properties, also improved clarity. Disadvantages: not headphones, needed to mobile phone headset. 2. Mobile terminal thousand phantom 6 generations the most mainstream open jewels of mobile phone, glasses degree under 600 degrees can adjust open hole to watch, after more than 600 degrees can take glasses to watch, the thousand unreal in paragraph 6 generations more than 1 VRSMAC matching earphones peripherals, thousand phantom 6 generations with the integration of key function is very comprehensive, can control the volume, a key to answer the phone. The headphones sound quality is fairly, bass is smooth. It is worth noting that the VR is ordinary and high, edition of normal version no headphones, no integration key, immersive, suggest that the high-end version. ( 4. 7 - 6. 0 inches basic is suitable for the mobile phone on the market) 3. Samsung mobile end Gear VR 3 generation of the VR is higher on the mobile end price, but the VR because this product has the Oculus technical support, the experience can be said to be the best in the 'mobile phone box', high comfort, a broad field of vision, immersive, edge resolution problem also control well. And exclusive Gear VR APP key is rich in content, the Oculus Home platform game a lot and very new, not the so-called free VR as domestic resources, is all some old game Demo and fans to experience to work, but samsung Gear VR three generations have a fatal weakness, is the only support the Galaxy S6 / S6 edge/S6 edge +, Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S7 / S7 edge, a few phone, so it not flagship samsung users still buy above recommended VR. 4. External host Oculus Rift Oculus Rift price is high, the device needs to be connected to the computer, and the computer configuration requirements is very high, need: Intel i5 CPU + GTX970 GPU is scary enough in these two big alone estimate computer performance poor readers to put in a pen. Oculus Rift with a sense of individual sensor and Xbox One handle, ultra-high immersive ( Where is the price after all) And light but this configuration does not support a complete sense of body function, body feeling handle Oculus later still need to add special Touch, not a 5, 6000, it is difficult to play good Oculus Rift, local tyrants to VR. 5. External host HTC Vive is the earliest country with the VR star product, but the price is very expensive, but you have your truth, HTC Vive experience is the best in all of VR devices, HTC Vive standard body sensors and body feeling handle, it is up to Oculus Rift price difference is not too big, HTC Vive screen resolution of 2160 X 1200, 110 - degree view, display effect is good, strong immersive. HTC Vive computer hardware requirements are high, Intel i5 CPU + GTX970 GPU is the basic configuration, HTC Vive have steam SteamVR supports the game content is completely not sorrow, is the game to the local tyrants of the first overall: VR experience and experience is very good, especially the Japanese love action movies, of course, if you just want to watch or recommend cheaper mobile end VR, as to why recommend 5 is not a recommended one nose reveals the VR? That's because you buy if you just want to try to experience the VR handset VR, want to really want to play with VR, VR directly buy host type, all-in-one VR is a laptop, the price is expensive, performance is not as good as mobile VR, all-in-one VR can imagine to be get this VR, can not only improve the performance and reduce the price, it is better to buy a better phone.
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