France annecy VR crystal prize 'guru meters eyes' premiere in Taipei, on November 9

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
HTC VR production company Atlas V co-produced with France, joint production of immersive VR animation 'Gloomy Eyes' ( G m eyes) First song of The Encounter, from 30 countries, 90 VR shortlisted for The competition unit in The animated cartoon, The last in a finalist out of nine VR animation works won The highest honor 'VR crystal award'. The Chinese edition of the guru meters eyes will have its premiere in Taipei golden horse film festival, on November 9 to 17, at Taipei zhongshan hall, from now on in the golden horse film festival's official website to buy tickets. Watch the VR films it is not like before, she was the center of the 360 degrees, or one round sphere of kernel; The like into god's perspective, and can move through each three-dimensional scene. Like you appreciate glass on the table in a model robot, do you want to see what is his equipment, the back around to the other side; Do you want to see his foot, squatting low look up straight. This concept completely. Is no longer the former that sat in the stands motionless, just turn and let illustrates its image with you; This time you 'immersed' in its environment. Each of the characters, landscape, or props, there would be no dead corner you snooping around it. Because you can close, animation drawing very carefully. Deeper into the film as a black fairy tale, the sun, it is a human after the dead of night time. Is the lonely living dead boy Gloomy, two big eyes as fairy. After he took a village head stolen items escaped into the forest, constantly to avoid bounty hunters. In the dark forest exotic, meet human girl Nina, to develop a can be moved by the pure love of the sun. If you haven't seen previously VR, I describe the first short film at this time last year. When HTC cooperation with golden horse film academy 5 x1, hou hsiao-hsien producer, please go to the Zhao Deyin, lee, Qiu Yang, Chen Shengji Zeng Wei and five short 1 department director the VR. Zhao Deyin 'behind the scenes' actually is it watch the VR entry. Front of you line of sight is actors in acting, but you can see the director left sitting on a screen after the command, back to back, photographer on track the camera operation. You look around a circle, those hiding in the screen can't make any noise outside staff and a pile of props to the machine, in around you. Before the eyes of the guru meters, I prefer is that during the same period of lee Dong Zai people and Zeng Wei quantity in the mountain line, before the 2 piece for breaking VR works usually only design in a single space limitations. See 'Dong Zai person', you become a strange artifacts, originally you in art galleries, have guests will suddenly close to stare at yourself, make you a surprise. Then you was stolen, inside the car drove fled, meet after or gun battle, a restless changing scene. 'Mountain' also belong to this type, a mirror exactly 30 minutes, you are in a car, the car is men and women, two foreign migrants from mercedes-benz station all the way to the mountain, you can feel them by the police or the wicked pursued, night calculus, atmosphere of urgent in the last appeared more breathtaking mountain spirit. This year, however, HTC co-produced with the French production company Atlas V, joint production of VR animation 'guru meters eyes', complete to build another level 'immersive' experience. The previous several, if your imagination is rich enough, can barely chuai amount that viewing experience, but the guru meters far beyond my imagination, very impressive, you would know how VR has already developed into the state. This win this year, known as 'Oscar animation industry,' said the French annecy international animation film festival's highest honor 'VR crystal award', visible results. International edition dubbing is colin fro, Chinese version of the invitation is golden melody blues. They lead you into the story, with a voice storytellers began to emerge from all directions such as diablo version of the 'Lord of the rings' fantasy scenes. Follow the protagonist Gloomy, you will see the towering castle, luxuriant merry-go-round, girls home Nena, these scenes you can move your steps to see around it. Such as Nena at home, the front of the house open, but is on both sides of the wall have a window; I'm curious walked to the side wall, want to try whether itself looks like this? Indeed see in environment simulation according to the facts of girls in the side window vision. Not only that, the way a piece of sea, I want to test again, so I squatted down, sight into landscape under the horizontal plane. Single plane animation, fine drawing vivid and rich and changeful is a wonderful trip, coupled with the unprecedented 'immersive VR sensory experience,' worth seeing. HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, general manager and the Gloomy Eyes 'co-producer Liu Siming also said:' is the ultimate goal of a good story to the world, we are committed to the integration of Chinese and European and American film and television resources, bring to a global audience more diverse immersion work experience. 」
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