Fire safety science education hall construction plan should be how to develop?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

guangzhou fuhua digital technology with all of you here today take a look at about fire safety education hall construction plan should be how to develop? Fire safety science education pavilion is a master in order to strengthen the public fire safety knowledge, promote the fire prevention and fire fighting knowledge skill learning, in order to improve the public fire safety consciousness and meet the fire response capacity, reduce the number of fire accidents on people's life and property damage. Then what is? Then we'll take a look at.

VR fire safety experience pavilion is the fusion of VR technology and safety science knowledge safety interactive exercises of learning style. Different industry risk coefficient and the characteristics of the different, belong to the experience of different systems. Fire safety pavilion is necessary to master the knowledge skills in production and living, generally can be divided into: fire safety protective equipment and experience, the understanding of the fire extinguishing equipment and drills, fire accident experience and escape, fire damage after learning exercise of emergency rescue.

fire accident experience and escape is VR fire safety experience must experience the part of the master in the system. Most keen on fire control safety people hold fluky psychology, the incomplete of the cognition of fire cause the life has a lot of bad habits at work, these bad habits is one of the hidden danger of fire.

in fire safety accident experience, experience in in virtual reality at the same time, feel the fire burning in the VR sensor system make people perceive the current environment is reality environment experience, tension, true want to put out the fire and flames idea of the brain, the body is not consciously looking for fire extinguisher. System will properly make tips and guidance, right and wrong operation will cause what kind of consequences and hidden trouble, experience after a series of operation such as fire escape, return to real life still lingering, the scenarios in the mind.

fire safety pavilion construction plan according to different venue size, the contents of the close degree will be different, must keep in mind the three direction: fire safety equipment and experience, after the fire escape drills, fire accident emergency rescue skills learning.

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