Fire experience hall chic design key points and matters needing attention

by:Fuhua     2020-11-23

when the exhibition hall design for special model can't use a firewall or a fire shutter, fire partition, divided into according to the exhibition hall overall layout planning to set up the fire belt, minimize area, the use of small retailer can effectively improve the exhibition hall area, isolation belt to be able to direct, outdoor is put no items on the barrier and the space is open, can be used as the visitors of the evacuation passageway, otherwise may cause fire belt not only takes up the area is larger, and route of twists and turns, are more likely to not the main entrance to the exhibition hall design, unfavorable to evacuate.

evacuation design according to the exhibition hall layout, architectural form uniform security exit, induction and to maintain reasonable set up evacuation visual indication for evacuation, according to the size of reasonable number inside the exhibition hall design, export quantity and design safety evacuation width.

exhibition hall construction design the original exhaust system and spray system shall be properly arranged. Exhibition hall space mostly high and wide, fire load density is high, exhaust system we should give priority to, and adopts the mechanical smoke extraction method, but also have the special case of inevitable exist, when the exhibition hall set up mechanical smoke exhaust system with difficulty, can consider to use natural smoke exhaust. Small and pure smoke window opening size will be subject to the provisions of the state building knowledge, generally do not use on window. Smoke exhaust Windows and automatic fire alarm system, fire can automatically open;

in the exhibition hall adopts automatic fire extinguishing facilities spray system, big advantage is that water and full coverage, can be a very good control the spread of fire.

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