Fire experience centre, fire control methods are there?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-13

VR interactive experience, let you in the virtual fire environment to find the right channel to escape; There are how many tall buildings, the fire hazard, the right choice, hidden trouble will be in the top model lights display; How to use the fire extinguishers, use the right way, the interactive screen will give you a big X; A bedroom, there are many fire hazard, you carefully to find it.

it is understood that in the year 119 fire day, ahead of jianye district high-rise building fire experience hall, commercial complexes fire fighting experience hall, household experience pavilion opened smoothly, free of the social unit, the people were open.

when you wear a mask, a new VR let you feel in the fire escape true feelings; The high-rise building fire case, let you feel the infernal harm; High-rise buildings in which fire control facilities and fire sign.

the content of the above to introduce the experience about the fire prevention pavilion of fire control methods are there? Hope to be able to help you in this respect and understanding human life.

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