Facebook shows the sunglasses type VR concept of glasses

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
Facebook is likely to be the latest batch into one large high-tech companies in the field of VR and AR, but in fact, it has put a lot of resources into VR and AR, such as acquisition of companies VR Oculus. Facebook VR business more, of course, is in the leisure and social aspects, and its Facebook Reality Labs are trying to users of VR has a better experience. Recently, Facebook reality lab shows a VR prototype device resembling a sunglasses. Although not necessarily will soon get into the market, it let's expectation for the future. In science fiction, always can see disguised as ordinary glasses AR/VR head-mounted device. Unfortunately, the current technology has not been developed to such a complex degree. In addition to the light installed in the fuselage of the battery and electronic devices, the focus of the beams to user ocular optics is a difficult problem. Facebook Reality Labs, then puts forward the solution based on holographic and laser technology, through the holographic lens ( Instead of refraction lens) To realize the image transmission, and even can be easily projected on the wearer's eyes. The technology can not only narrow the display component and lens distance, also can effectively reduce the whole weight/volume of the headset. If the operation to the smart phones and other external devices, can easily achieve a full range of solutions in the ordinary sunglasses. Finally, although it sounds very good, but now the VR prototype device is still unable to meet the needs of demonstration. Such as vision only 90 °, the lens can only be projecting green light to the eyes. Even so, Facebook Reality Labs is made a remarkable achievement, let anyone can convenient, comfortable to wear VR intelligent glasses, and connect with other Facebook users easily. The current VR glasses is still in development stage, developers need to add color, to ensure that the battery life, stability and compatibility degree connection configuration, to get to the prototype stage. But we can see that VR technology has been steadily advancing.
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