Facebook acquired the Lone Echo VR games developers Ready

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
Recently, Facebook has bought Ready At Dawn Studios, which is the echo of the lonely (virtual reality game 孤独的回声) Series as well as the Order: 1888 ( 订单:1888) Such as the host of the game developers. Ready at Dawn by the Naughty Dog members of the predecessor was founded in 2003, and in the next few years, has established long-term cooperation relationship with SONY. In 2017, Ready at Dawn and Facebook Oculus Studios established a cooperative relationship. Ready at Dawn, the chief executive and the creative director Ru Weerasuriya tweet said: 'almost 17 years ago, we started the game studios journey. In this process, we in the game type, experience, game and platform for innovation. '' today, when we open the story of a new chapter and continue to pursue our passion, we are very glad to join Facebook family. ', according to Facebook on Facebook and Oculus Studios team, under the full support of Ready at Dawn as an independent studio will continue to build an amazing game experience, the studio in irvine, California, and in Portland, Oregon, existing office operations. In February this year, Facebook acquired Sanzaru Games, the latter is best virtual reality (2019 VR) The developers behind the game, the game called ` ` Asgard 's Wratha' '( Undisclosed amount) 。 Sanzaru Games joined Facebook Oculus Studios, become 'independent studio'. Last November, Facebook acquired popular virtual reality Beat rhythm game, the developer of the Beat Beat Games. Beat Games become a Facebook VR Games Group Oculus part of the Studios. Ready At Dawn is the 'Asgard 's Wrath' developers Sanzaru,' Beat the Saber 'developers Beat Games after the third Facebook bought by VR Games team. Obviously, Facebook will continue to buy other VR studio. Facebook said, is exploring a variety of ways to accelerate the virtual reality, for the next few years the game has great innovation plan. Facebook said that Ready At Dawn will continue operating as an independent studio, the future will focus on developing original VR games.
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