Experience vr earthquake will understand, vr how efficient teaching!

by:Fuhua     2020-11-02

school is one of the most dangerous area when the earthquake strikes, in an emergency should be how to escape is critical. Enhance students' ability for daily emergencies strain need is more effective teaching. Can experience the VR seismic safety education in the virtual scene more vividly traditional security education cannot achieve the teaching effect.

fuhua development experience of earthquake simulation room scene more popular science teaching designed to be more precise and more efficient, by spray, lighting, audio, video multimedia systems, for students to simulate a real scenes when the earthquake happened. In addition to the thrilling scene and popular science teaching more scientific and effective. With more knowledge, interest and participation and interactive social significance. Fuhua earthquake experience 12 square meters, can accommodate 10 to 20 people experience.

earthquake environment through the experience of earthquake simulator cabin platform entity, hydraulic motion platform, the console and supplemented by video and sound system and a three-dimensional seismic environment, make the student and experience and environment be in harmony are an organic whole, thus we show the whole process of earthquake, let the students feel the earthquake. The hydraulic motion platform according to the operation of the console can simulate earthquake effect, including shear wave and longitudinal wave and turbulence. Earthquake is inevitable, but only when you have experienced, studied the virtual teaching scene to make escapes at the time of the accident.

to know earthquake, prevention of earthquake, the epicenter in self-help, is a common subject of human face. In order to enhance the consciousness of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters of teenage children in our country, popularize knowledge of earthquake science, calls national mitigation of earthquake disasters, my company China seismological bureau, institute of engineering mechanics, design for schools, education base of the earthquake, earthquake experience pavilion.

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