Enklu launched the first line AR experience store in San Francisco

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
The Unreal Garden from 2018 years of development experience of another, is a blend of art and technology, combined with entertainment and augmented reality, projection and the technology of soundscape. The experience is based on Enklu platform, provide support by Microsoft HoloLens, by the physical environment and AR elements, to provide users with mixed reality trip. The works displayed on the E3 2019 AR virtual exhibition, its aesthetic space design make people linger. Now, provide basic technical support for the exhibition Enklu platform, founded in San Francisco's first experience AR offline store: E. den。 We have learned, E. Den and previously shown at E3 2019 scenes are similar, is also a live-action layout based on line AR exhibition. Unlike other galleries, E. Den is based on AR technology exhibition, everyone can be the creator, and pricing for their work. Means that AR virtual content in growing, changing, you can see the different from last time to see. At present, E. Den provide member subscriptions and single tickets two types, the monthly price is $35 per month, can enter the scene often experience; A single experience price of $20 times. Hardware equipment, it is still based on Microsoft HoloLens. It is understood that in order to increase the playability of the AR exhibition, E. Den will be held on a regular basis some people interaction AR games and other activities, such as was shown at E3 progress 'Unreal Garden' the Mystic Grove ', 'Dark Matter', etc. Enklu company strategy consultant Leila Amirsadeghi said: E. Den tag is 'play, create, share', inside you have all kinds of excellent cooperative authoring tools. Enklu CEO Ray Kallmeyer said: due to facilitate collaboration and sharing, so we have privately more called 'Google Docs for AR', ( Meaning: a kind of online collaborative document AR version) 。 At the same time, Ray Kallmeyer said: E. Den can satisfy your gameplay experience for the day, once you're into the environment, you can easily create their own digital works, and to set a price for it. Together, Enklu is more than just an AR art museum, offline experience store, or a combination of creator + digital works monetization platform. Therefore, we are looking forward to the future have more this kind of 'unrestricted' content creation platform and experience. With offline upgrades and hardware in the form of entertainment, offline entertainment in operation, and gradually formed, the brand of cooperation pattern and so on. For VR games, offline market is gradually restore confidence, AR at the core of the hardware and the technology is more and more brought to the attention of the capital.
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