Enhance VR Virtuleap release brain training application

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Concentrates on VR mind training Virtuleap launched a training game of the brain's perception of VR 'Enhance', currently the logged PC VR and SideQuest shop. Game inspired by the principle of cognitive science, which is similar to scientific experiments or rehabilitation training in common perception training ( Such as training of stroop test reaction ability) , the purpose is to improve people's cognitive abilities in VR. It is reported, 'Enhance' now contains six little game designed by neuroscientists, plan will increase to 12 to 15 at the end of the year. To active users brain living quantity of VR brain training application to Enhance VR, with auxiliary treatment of patients with alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease patients. At present, Enhance VR has compatible Oculus Quest, Rift and VIVE Focus show, Plus the head Virtuleap plans at the end of this month to apply the online Pico Neo 2 and Valve Index platform, and said with the deepening of the development, it will increase the biological recognition technology (with a third party Eye movement instrument, EEG and smart watches) The compatible. Users can Enhance VR provides a series of active brain cerebral small game, the amount of live through the little game users can effectively train the brain memory, spatial perception, logical thinking ability, so as to improve the brain activity. Virtuleap co-founder and CEO Amir Bozorgzadeh, said: 'we publish the application is designed to collect a large number of users feedback, to optimize the application within the function of each training game, making the application more accord with the actual needs of users. For each VR brain training games we set up a scientific training methods, and in interesting ways to attract users, and to evaluate and track the user data in the game, and then give right effective judgment. 'In addition, Virtuleap will also work with the Pacific center for brain health and ageing at Newcastle university national innovation center agencies such as feasibility study, in order to validate the application in the assessment of alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease in effect. Virtuleap think VR support body interaction can trigger the autonomic nervous system, vestibular system more effectively and proprioception, let the brain 'believe' that the contents of the VR is true, this will help to improve further the effect of the VR perception test and training, and even help deepen our memory.
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