Earthquake experience the benefits of the pavilion, children to escape the earthquake

by:Fuhua     2020-11-03

young children's safety is always the key point of the kindergarten work, in order to further strengthen the earthquake security work, strengthen the kindergarten safety consciousness, improve the ability of the teachers and students cope with the earthquake hazards emergency treatment. Kindergarten teacher led the children to experience the earthquake museum and held an earthquake evacuation drill. Experience pavilion, the earthquake as alarm bells rang, the class teacher quickly let the kid in class on the safety, some children hiding under the table, some children hiding in the corner & hellip; … Let the children learn to indoor suspension. Almost at the end of three minutes, each class the teacher quickly and orderly according to the provisions of the evacuation route to lead children to calm, security, quickly evacuated to safety, some children with his head with a bag, some children with ZhenTouDing head, some children hands & hellip; … The children's ability to escape is more and more strong. The whole process of exercises with the 6 minutes, exercise activities tense and orderly.

by the earthquake experience pavilion practice activities, improve the seismic safety of teachers and students consciousness and survival skills, young children in the earthquake drill master specific survival skills, teachers' mastery of the rapid strain in the emergency ability, truly implement safety work, achieve the expected goal.

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