Earthquake cottage manufacturers, fuhua learn knowledge of earthquake science and technology

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

he is engaged in the construction of earthquake cottage manufacturers, has 10 years of experience. Each of the construction of the cabin is very interesting, and an earthquake by investment of the construction of the people like, also by consumers like. Into the house, you can first learn some knowledge of earthquake escape in advance, when the earthquake struck, can knowledge just learned to escape, can be said to be the combination of theory and practical knowledge of earthquake. When an earthquake occurs, the houses collapsed, quickly evacuated to safety, don't crowded into the stairs or the aisle. If too late to evacuate, nearby suspension, such as hiding under the bed in the home, or is under the table, and suspension, must pay attention to protect the head, such as use ZhenTouDing on his head, a basin cap on his head, with a bag over his head, and so on. So the family how to hedge again? Family the focus of the earthquake, mainly is to ensure that before the earthquake after the earthquake in defense of the family. About the following measures are taken, when the earthquake knowledge, learning to master the scientific method of defense self-help, to determine the earthquake evacuation routes and the location of the shock absorber, and make the housing and indoor furniture reinforcement, in particular, place to sleep to take the necessary protective measures. To carry out fire prevention measures, stove, gas stove, water and power supply these to strengthen management, prepares the necessary food. And learn to master the basic medical skills, such as artificial respiration, hemostasis, bandage, emergency drills, and find problems and correct, make up, at the same time, to correctly identify earthquake rumors.

these earthquake knowledge in fuhua building experience inside the pavilion, you can learn to, and personally to experience these, combining theory with practice, more profound memory, a greater impact on later life.

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