E-sports new mode of cooperation, open VR + VR again in the 2018 Beijing SEC

by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
Today, located in national, international, comprehensive Chinese ( Beijing) International service trade fair ( Hereinafter referred to as 'the SEC') Officially opened in Beijing national convention center. 'The SEC is in implement the party's 19 big spirit start of the year, the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, promote all-round opening of the new pattern under the background of international service trade event at a time. VR simulator manufacturer as the only exhibition e-sports VR in the field of VR, domestic enterprises, e-sports exhibition area of 300 square meters to occupy the whole VR swagger. Large space PVP guest group enjoyed the guest team game, after 1 year half made a big PVP combat game - — The field company, their first appearance at the national conference center, a player can in hundreds of square metres of space, free to move, and realize the PVP combat, as players feel free space charm of VR. Situation series of theme park situation series products, also at the SEC, successfully attracted a large number of people, aroused the concern of the leadership and success. VR project deep exploration, can accommodate up to 9 people, sitting on the equipment, carry VR glasses, panoramic view of the entire screen. Different from traditional the look and feel of the movie theater, in VR devices, there is no watch position difference, all the experience with you as leading role, through the seat of the tilt and vibration, make the person feel the device turned, collision, sinking, bring every person that experience of 'immersion' feeling. Combined with the advanced technology in the industry, is a comprehensive upgrade of feeling. VR simulator manufacturer co-founder Yang Xiangming whether interview future series products, with blue and white modelling build future effect won the consistent high praise, the speed of light, rapid flashes of lightning, the door of space-time, champions the snow race debut together, add magic for booth visual effect. With horses and power lines like the speed of light wheel and rapid lightning, provide future driving on experience for everyone at the scene. Multiplayer adventure together space-time door let the players their scene series due to top sense of deposition, with strong charm across whole! Resonance field and plot and heart rhythm flash from the future feel so close to me. 。 。 As MOBA games in recent years, the development of e-sports industry is also well, according to the public, according to the current e-sports in expanding market size, the size of the market by 2020 56. 5 billion yuan, the user will exceed 3. 200 million people. VR simulator manufacturer as pioneer of VR e-sports, in March 2017 large VR tournament is held in the national conference center 'mercenaries gun king supremacy', and come to a successful conclusion. The fair in Beijing, blockbuster launch large space PVP combat VR experience, continue to promote the athletics of VR tournament, motility, ornamental and transmitted. Good will continue to more novel and fun in SEC VR e-sports exhibition, 2018 Beijing VR simulator manufacturer booth!
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