E-sports market will more and more big, however, VR games is far from mature

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
On 2018 ChinaJoy this year, the world famous semiconductor company Intel big package of 12000 square meters exhibition hall, and named it the Intel pavilion, is huge. Today we PConline on behalf of the national science and technology media and get an exclusive interview Intel business development group, e-sports and game business director Mark Subotnick opportunities, to solve some netizens are concerned about the problem. Let's take a look at the Mark together Subotnick for e-sports, views and VR. On Intel's next generation processor: committed to improve product performance and characteristics of consumer market in recent years household platform more and more the number of processor cores, recently there are rumours Intel next generation processor and will add to the core, each reader must also are very concerned about this problem, want to know if rumors are true, Intel processors for the generation and how to consider and plan, in an interview with us also to Mark Subotnick throws our problems. Mark Subotnick said he could not clear and we give specific roadmap, but he can give us the development philosophy of Intel. Intel will focus on to partner in product line provides a rich selection, product line has both entry-level cheap and fine products, satisfy the pursuit of cost-effective consumer, also provide top in the field of high-end products, meet the hardcore gamers, 'players ultimate performance requirements. And Intel also will not stop the pace of progress, Intel is committed to improve product performance and features, and OEM partners provide consumers with as much as possible and excellent choice, let consumer can easily choose their own products. Development of e-sports: electronic market tuyere of e-sports is rapidly in recent years, with the major consumers of 80 after 90 after becoming society, cater to their needs of e-sports industry is becoming more and more hot, even faint have a game in the limelight, and Intel as the world's largest PC processor design and manufacturing enterprises, is closely related to the e-sports industry. We will the e-sports industry, to Mark Subotnick put forward the related question, ask the relationship between electronic competitive market with Intel, and Intel is how to view the e-sports industry in the future. About electronic competitive market, Mark Subotnick made it clear that electronic competitive market generates's contribution to the Intel is more and more big, the electronic competitive market is booming. Intel will be actively involved in the development of e-sports market when, and game companies, partners, and software vendors work together, to make the game more power, give full play to the Intel hardware improve the user experience of e-sports. Such as the recent Intel in cooperate and netease, in 'fighting spirit' the core of the game that can be used to more, improve the user experience, and this is the game a trend in the future. Mark Subotnick think at the same time, consumers now social demand more and more high, people more and more like things around or share out the game, so social media and broadcast industry has maintained a certain heat, even more and more hot. Now there are many players are happy to live their own game process through the social platform for net friend, this is the ideal place for multi-core processors play performance, broadcast and social media industry also further accelerate the development of e-sports industry. Social, live with electricity to combine, let e-sports market shows the exciting growth momentum, which is Intel thinks that the trend of the development of e-sports industry. E-sports for PC industry has brought the huge market opportunity, Mark Subotnick believe e-sports for PC, e-sports for hardware, is the carrier of a very good marketing. Play games on game consoles and PC: the difference between a PC platform have more potential for development and at the same time, we also learned that Mark Subotnick used to work in Microsoft engaged in the development of an XBOX, we also asked Mark Subotnick for PC platform to play games and using game console games have what unique perspective. Mark Subotnick perception of this problem is also very unique, he thinks, although the use of console gaming experience is very good, but the PC platform is playing a game the best way, desktop has unparalleled strong performance, including more higher display refresh rate, we use PC games are very flexible. Another PC on the future trend of development and speed will still maintain a good momentum. Although say the XBOX game console, have price advantages at the beginning, in a certain period of time also have performance advantages, but the PC is the ability to quickly complete the XBOX beyond this kind of game consoles. Sales about i7: growth momentum at the same time we also note that now the domestic number 8 generation i7 evaluation on the electric business platform is much higher than 8 generation of i3, this may mean i7 became the Chinese consumers, the player's first choice, they are increasingly willing to spend money on electronic products. We have this question has carried on the proof to Intel, Mark Subotnick says although he can't tell us clearly i7 specific sales accounted for, but as the chicken on the CPU demanding more and more game, i7 sales really showed strong growth trend, growing very fast. About VR: still trying to, but it is far from mature in the end we on VR, inquired about the Intel's opinion, after all, VR before the heat is very high but recent encounter cold, want to know the Intel perception of VR.
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