【 Dry live again) Tread without smoke of battle

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
The 2020 Spring Festival, placed great hope, everybody did a lot of preparation in advance, hope gets a, the Spring Festival make store sales explode. A sudden outbreak swept across the country, under a special stage of epidemic, VR experience stores mostly in a closed shop closed state, even if there is no shop closed, but almost no revenue, the rent for the personnel cost during this period. The current outbreaks overcome step by step, what should we do to after the outbreak of VR experience shop in the spring to win customers, grabbed the rebound after the outbreak, recover the loss of the Spring Festival? The second phase of the VR simulator manufacturer of actual combat business school' Online live 】 On March 12, 14 PM began broadcasting live topics tread on time without gunsmoke 'battle' - — How vr experience store 'cocoons' adjust good mentality + + think good way to carry out the action live course core 1, after the outbreak, how to let customers at ease into the shop, bring customers deeply, the influence of the outbreak, after the outbreak, how to do stores protective measures, eliminate customers fear of stores and epidemic prevention, has become the top priority! 2, how to through WeChat group of marketing and realize the online after the combination of the epidemic, marketing and selling anxiety to consumerism play will suffer more disgusted and criticism. Community wechat business, buying because of its interaction can communicate directly with consumers, consumer confidence is high, and easy to produce resonance, has become a daily spending by consumers. WeChat group of construction and maintenance will become the new offline store standard. 3, the author advocates shop how to do, to meet the coming any customers shop at this time all want to rapid response, find the shop problem, internal training, have rebound. 4, reputation activities to make the customer trust and recognition, comply with the national advocacy, produce store brand image, let customers remember the store brand! Registration form so you missed how wonderful dry live, immediately scan code registration number can also focus on VR simulator manufacturer to the public through the menu navigation bar for applications to phase curriculum issues concern you the most dynamic VR industry, are in the salon! 'Tian long ba bu' how to practice? VR simulator manufacturer to business school to teach you to drive experience shop!
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