Dry goods review | five anniversary celebration activities, assist vr experience store their cocoons

by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
The 2020 Spring Festival, placed great hope, everybody did a lot of preparation in advance, hope gets a, the Spring Festival make store sales explode. A sudden outbreak swept across the country, under a special stage of epidemic, VR experience stores mostly in a closed shop closed state, even if there is no shop closed, but almost no revenue, the rent for the personnel cost during this period. The current outbreaks overcome step by step, what should we do to after the outbreak of VR experience shop in the spring to win customers, grabbed the rebound after the outbreak, recover the loss of the Spring Festival? XiNing teacher tell you adjust good mentality + + think good way to carry out the act 1, after the outbreak, how to let customers at ease into the shop, bring customers deeply, the influence of the outbreak, after the outbreak, how to do stores protective measures, eliminate fear of stores and epidemic prevention, customers become the top priority! Return to work at the store two action, how to through WeChat group of marketing, to realize the combination of online after the plague, in consumerism and sold the anxiety marketing style will suffer more disgusted and criticism. Community wechat business, buying because of its interaction can communicate directly with consumers, consumer confidence is high, and easy to produce resonance, has become a daily spending by consumers. WeChat group of construction and maintenance will become the new offline store standard. How to establish and maintenance shops WeChat group member fission: into the group of gift redemption, plus WeChat receive gifts, increase awareness and exposure, get more fans; The store clerk to compete: daily pull people into the group of the first award x x, to encourage staff enthusiasm, increase traffic as soon as possible; Clock in interactive: do some daily clock in interactive games, 7 days of continuous punching customers send VR experience voucher; Within the group of daily sharing: to share some small epidemic prevention knowledge, vr video game content, avoid by all means is advertised every day, and let the customer antipathy to refund group; Within the group of daily lottery: every day within the group draw a red envelope, winning prizes can be gotten, VR experience volume, 8 fold the card! Members within the group of marketing activities: 9 deposited during the outbreak. 9 yuan, can obtain the store rights and interests of the gold card, gold card discount enjoy life and, after the resumption of its business prefi lled 9. 9 yuan is worth to use prepaid phone; 3, the author advocates shop how to do, to meet the coming any customers shop at this time all want to rapid response, find the shop problem, internal training, have rebound. 4, reputation activities to make the customer trust and recognition, comply with the national advocacy, produce store brand image, let customers remember the store brand! 5, how to cooperate, after the outbreak of precision for the guest's industry alliance to can use the power of the other brands in the industry, other expanding activity influence and drainage, promote the store sales ascension and the ascension of store brand, is known to all, but the specific how we operate? Outbreak raid, to many entities industry had a big test for life and death, offline VR industry is also the outbreak areas. The government in the enterprise support policies introduced to relief pressure, on the other hand at le guest to mark the fifth anniversary of establishment, release first guest five anniversary celebration activities, offline VR development way, with the industry to help industry. 'After the trough, industry outbreak' 1, 3 month 31 signing intention agreement and pay 9. 9 yuan deposit; Formally signed the purchase and sale contract, buy the full 50000 yuan of above, 9. 9 yuan worth 5000 yuan in cash, and can enjoy half free site selection evaluation support ( This activity is preferential does not stack with other offers) ; Time to sign up for more than 2, accepting the deposit refund policy and implementation of without reason, signed the 'agreement of intent', together with the sign 'no reason to refund undertaking', after six months if no ideal place to open a shop, the company has no reason to refund the deposit immediately. Three service power vr experience store 'cocoons', professional site big data assessment tools vr/AR industry 'portable' site assessment assessment tools, contains 9 big plate location evaluation, professional precision, simple operation, to help you select gold field get twice the result with half the effort. ( Professional site assessment tool) Two, such as professional site assessment team we only be 'a porter' field. Since 2018, our site assessment team has helped hundreds of domestic customers to find the 'better' gold field. ( Star location appraiser) Three, massive high quality site resource reserves have no had better, only better. Massive high quality site resources, absolutely not miss it. ( Massive high quality site resources) There is no want to come out to lunch, just make delicious! The second phase of the VR simulator manufacturer rewind, practical business school immediately scan code to watch number can also focus on VR simulator manufacturer to the public through the menu navigation bar to watch the past curriculum issues concern you the most dynamic VR industry, are in the salon! 'Tian long ba bu' how to practice? VR simulator manufacturer to business school to teach you to drive experience shop!
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