Dreamscape a VR experience store in Columbus is getting ready for the opening

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Dreamscape have established cooperation partnership with chain AMC Theatres cinemas, and prepare to its capitalization. Focus on offline VR solutions startup Dreamscape Immersive, in announced it would open a VR experience centre in the Columbus, Ohio, is expected to open on February 28. The Dreamscape also plans to open new stores in New York/New Jersey area this year, stores in the United States currently has a store in Los Angeles, Dallas store. International market at present only the united Arab emirates dubai shopping center stores, follow-up will also plans to open more stores, that is, at present there are three stores in the United States and certain international (1 Dubai) Stores. Chief officer Bruce Dreamscape Vaughn said: 'we hope beyond VR is a technology or a game usually cognitive or misunderstanding. 'As Walt Disney Imagineering former chief creative officer, Vaughn in 2012 joined the Dreamscape. He explained that metaphor like airport departure hall is designed to help the audience to redefine their opinion of VR to the medium. 'People crossed the threshold into the hall, can create a 'wow, I haven't seen such a scene' or 'it's certainly different from I had experienced before' feeling', he said, 'or at least, if you don't know what VR will be attracted to the store. This is a kind of 'ok, this is a place where I can trust' feel. ' As for VR experience itself, Dreamscape is like The well-known Cousins of The Void. It provides the experience of most groups up to 6 guests, everyone needs with backpack computer, VR head and hand foot tracking devices, for experience of space size is 16 * 16 feet, equipped with vibrating touch the floor. Flagship store in the center of the Los Angeles test of aesthetics and design will be transferred to the experience of AMC in the shop, and the store will also as to determine the best resonate with customers experiment site to continue to operate. In addition to the company's original works, Parkes also promised Dreamscape will soon for its lineup 'add truly world-class IP', and with the increase of the number of the VR offline store experience, these works with VR IP will become more attractive.
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