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Dome cinema

Ball screen cinema (Dome cinema) hall using 70 mm screening equipment, hemispherical screen fine diameter up to 18 meters, when the audience watching the film, the whole screen is full of ball, turn a blind eye to the screen edge, transmission type of metal screen, six channel stereo effect, make the audience enjoy the change myriad, liflifes myriad weather.The dynamic platform in the cinema is a high-tech system engineering integrating hydraulic pressure, electrical automation control and computer animation.When you sit on the platform, the entire platform can rise and fall, left and right tilt, back and forth pitch, you can simulate spacecraft to invite to travel in space, can also simulate submersible, full view of the strange scene of the undersea world.Along with the lifelike picture and the platform activity, lets the human enter the role involuntarily, causes the very real and the breathtaking stimulation special feeling. Nowadays, dome films are mostly used in science and technology museum, museum, planetarium, Space Museum, Space Museum and other popular science education places.

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