DNA VR will open a second experience in Hammersmith London store

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
DNA VR experience shop is located in the north of London york avenue, is the first one in 2017 British open domestic comprehensive experience store offline VR. Now DNA VR authorities announced that local second stores in London is in the 'rich people's region' - — Hammersmith area to the ground. Outlet is similar to the first, the content of the facilities in addition to providing like rhythm lightsaber, Star Wars VR, personal VR entertainment facilities, such as Google earth VR, adventure also provides a group of large projects, in these players can fight with zombies and robot in the project, or explore underwater temple, walking with dinosaurs. The co-founder and chief executive of DNA VR Alexander Tsyurupa said in a statement: 'our staff carefully selected, including VR from the chamber of secrets, all games, all in providing customers with the best immersive experience, let you feel a need to go back to reality. 'In pricing model, single player is half an hour to an hour and two kinds of ticket prices. Half an hour, off-peak reservation price is $26, the peak at $32; Peak one hour ticket, off-peak $39, $45. Since 2017, the DNA VR experience stores in more than 50000 tourists, the second stores open is also comes from the first big success. After the outbreak of VR experience shops in China, the west also ushered in the VR amusement park in the storm.
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