Diversification of VR gaming devices, VR shooter landing the Onward Oculus Quest

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
In the past few years, the model of military shooter type was deeply loved by game players, so in the combination of VR devices play military mode of gameplay and VR immersive VR, Onward, has been praised by PC community of love, now, however, Downpour Interactive and distributors Coatsink finally brought it to the Oculus Quest platform, priced at 24. 99 dollars. This can attract many players experience the VR gaming devices, make the diversification of VR gaming devices more attractive. The Onward, unlike other PvP shooter OculusQuest platform, it is a super realistic experience of military simulation, need a lot of team communication and strategies to survive. The Onward in the Oculus on a Quest for players to bring a complete PC VR level experience, including 5 v5 many pairs, both single-player and multiplayer mode of cooperation, as well as a wide range of distinct Arsenal and other is designed to help you survive in the field of military equipment. You are free to explore various weapons map or to the shooting range is familiar with the game. Everything is unique, and need certain knowledge and practice to master. Single cooperation mode and multiplayer game mode allows you to hone your skills through against the AI, pursue the enemy in the hunt. This for players to experience more strong! In the this game, Onward, need you and your team to close cooperation and communication, so as to finish the game. For like competitive players, the game provides up to 10 people arena mode. You can choose in the three kinds of model based on target their favorites, and through the strategic and tactical skills to beat players. More exciting is that when you are in a variety of maps and tactical battle environment, lifelike mechanical operation and free mobile will challenge your survival skills. This game is not only an exciting experience, and in a variety of VR gaming devices, we can also experience the more different types of games, no matter what age, to be able to find a suitable for their game, in addition to stimulate shooting outdoor games, there are many entertainment game, let you experience the cool! In short, a VR games now along with the advance of science and technology, constantly updated, VR gaming devices is becoming more and more diversified, its development is unlimited, so broad user market oriented, you also worry about VR games equipment industry badly? Want to know more of the VR gaming devices? Quick to VR simulator manufacturer to understand!
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