Disney VR short film 'the Myth' landing Oculus Quest

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
Recently, the Disney animation studio development of VR short films myth: 'snow and ice on Oculus Quest. The film by the Disney first VR clips from the director of Cycles Jeff attorney at Gipson, about 8 minutes, had earlier in the ice and snow country 2 premiere for part of the audience to experience, and now officially through the Quest platform into public view. It is understood that in order to let the audience of the VR shorts have a preliminary understanding, Jeff Gibson also in personal blog post, described to render the contents of the film to the user. In the myth: 'ice and snow, the audience will follow the Allen dell region the perspective of an ordinary family, immersed in a bedtime story about magic element, so as to have a magical journey full of adventure. The myth: ice and snow 'only eight minutes, the length of the compatible Oculus Quest first show, sells for $3. Jeff Gibson said the myth: ice and snow 'originally planned in the Oculus Rift starting platform, but the development team according to the Oculus Quest the low power consumption characteristics of a more in-depth development, therefore the VR video released in Quest platform was finally chosen. Myth: the ice and snow 'is the Disney's first public release of VR video, but it is not work in the field of Disney's first foray into VR. Disney was released in 2017 and 2018, respectively, the VR application Disney Movies VR and Pixar Coco VR, and in 2019 by Bruce Wright's VR video the story of the kite, but it is not yet released. Thus, the myth: ice and snow 'issue is of special significance for Disney, with animated film' ice 'popularity fan base, and the low price of $3, should be necessarily Quest platform of VR.
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