Diffuse wei VR games 'iron man VR' port today is activated

by:Fuhua     2020-08-30
Diffuse wei iron man VR version on July 3 in Hong Kong is activated, support Chinese subtitles. About 364 yuan price hk $399. It's important to note that the game must be PSVR to experience the game. In order to meet the global fans know the desire for the latest information, SONY interactive entertainment and the game makers Camouflaj jointly issued a 'iron man VR' game trailer. Through the game trailer, we can see in the game players will play the iron man of revered role, through the city with the mysterious villain Ghost and his comfortable life and death in the air fight, expand to prevent and eliminate may lead to the hidden trouble of the global crisis. The iron man VR for demanding operation level players, players should not only master skills of flight in various environments, and more to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of fight and shooting skills. In flight, by skillfully using PSMove handle, the player can rely on the repulsion injector navigation destination easily, at the same time the use of booster booster function quickly get rid of opponents and to avoid the enemy's attack; In the battle, the game offers including 'beam gun', 'rockets boxing', 'wrist playing', all kinds of new weapons, players can choose freely according to the actual demand. As is known to all, iron man, Tony Stark is an inventor, he is very fond of modification and upgrade the iron man armor, so as a game character, you also need a comprehensive upgrade of its own armor. In the game, players can get upgrade points, by participating in the battle to unlock enhanced weaponry and equipment. It is understood that 'the iron man VR' mysterious villain plot revolves around the 'Ghost', Ghost is an entrepreneur has a high level of hackers opposition, she secretly took advantage of the Stark companies have used technology, its purpose is to overthrow Tony empire of science and technology, and make the world into a new crisis. It is obvious that the players in the game in the final task is to prevent the Ghost plot, and defeat all enemy to pounce. In addition, in the game after the official launch of the first three days, log on to the iron man VR players will be able to obtain 'iron man, the patriots custom armor' bonus. At the same time, the iron man VR also launched from digital version to PSVR bundle suits, selling series for the players to buy, in which digital standard edition priced at $40, and the deluxe version $50; PSVR bundled package is priced at $350, the suit contains PSVR head, PS cameras, PSMove handle and iron man VR digital standard edition. The diffuse IP is good sales in more than one game platform, including host games, mobile games. But in The past five years, although in The Void such well-known offline VR experience pavilion layout, but hasn't happened in The field of The c-terminal VR games. Perhaps this time the release of the diffuse wei iron man VR, also like the flood in the most difficult period, iron man single horse savior in general, be the first gun diffuse wei started VR?
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