Delayed more than a year can remove VR head show acer OJO 500 sale today

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
In 2018, acer has released its second generation Windows show OJO 500 10 head of VR, the show is the first head adopts the detachable design Windows Mixed Reality show, can remove the lens and head with alone, easy to store and clean. The first show sold for 499 euros ( RMB 3971) In November 2018, planned in Europe. But I don't know why there has been no shipment. Finally today and there is a message from the head of the listed. Acer OJO 500 main playground, offline VR experience store scenario B end, its characteristic is to support multiple removable modular components, according to the customer's requirements in terms of adaptation, optimize the experience, and is more suitable for clean. Configuration, OJO 500 use two pieces of resolution 1440 x1440 LCD screen, 706 ppi, 90 hz refresh rate, viewing Angle 100 °, it with samsung Odyssey head on many design show in similar, such as integrated headphones, and support manual tuning pd ( The adjusting range is up to 69 mm) And so on. Actually when OJO release 500 last year, acer has revealed that the VR head show starting in November, sells for $400 in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa at 500 euros. Today, the delay almost one year only launched OJO 500 price less than the original price 50 euros ( 449 euros) , but because there are no log in North America, China's official online mall, not sure whether the official price change. Despite the price lower than the pricing look some, but OJO 500 does not give prize in configuration, some people think that the $200 in 2016 and even bought VR head show similar levels. And the netizen says, 1440 vertical resolution is not as good as HP Reverb or Oculus Rift S. As to why acer OJO 500 will be delayed for a whole year, speculation may be related to previous cooperation with Starbreeze hongxing StarVR high-end VR head company delisted from Taiwan, and into loss crisis ( Starbreeze seems to have bankruptcy) 。 In short, the fate of the acer never officially clarify StarVR and its updated version released this year ConceptD OJO VR head show, there is no news now, even in the official website can't find it. It is understood that ConceptD OJO VR head show similar to previous OJO, but upgraded to a monocular 2160 x 2160 resolution ( And HP Reverb) , and the overall design from scratch collar type belt became fixed in the top of the head of belt, look a bit like StarVR One head.
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