Cooperate with Varjo MeetinVR MeetinVR beta release VR collaboration platform

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
By new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the influence of a global outbreak of the people of the world during the outbreak of the office most of them are from offline to online, so it is critical that Zoom meeting, however the software the sense that gives a person is not so good, so MeetinVR imagine bringing these meetings to virtual reality, in order to obtain more immersive experience. Industrial-grade virtual reality show developers/mixed reality head Varjo virtual collaboration with the enterprise software developers MeetinVR business cooperation agreement. MeetinVR will issue facing Varjo latest VR head show special software version of the product mix, to support enterprise users in the process of virtual collaboration brand-new immersive experience and visual fidelity. Recently released a public beta version of the VR collaboration platform MeetinVR, enterprise users can sign up to 30 days free trial. Enterprise staff wearing VR head and to enter a login MeetinVR of VR virtual workspace, other staff to work together with the company. The platform, powerful support among employees can be used in VR environments create 3 d images of virtual tool and can read the voice memo, personal speech, PPT, brainstorming, and other group activities. MeetinVR hope during outbreaks, bring to the enterprise and the staff convenient remote collaboration services. Despite the intuitive an accurate reflection of reality in the VR environment still has some way to go, but the VR technology has proven to be indispensable to remote collaboration is important one annulus. Therefore, Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg said predicts 2030, Facebook will have half the staff of the remote collaboration mode is adopted to improve the office. Varjo and MeetinVR, moreover, at the same time introduced a new bundled discounts, for every purchase of any Varjo head of new users will obtain a six-month MeetinVR software free access, support the number of users up to five people.
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