Colorado state university established VR laboratory, sharing the visualization of medical images in VR

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
It is reported that the United States at Colorado state university ( 科罗拉多州立大学) Has deployed a can accommodate a maximum of 100 students of new VR lab. In addition, the head of the laboratory mainly running custom software, can support the student in the virtual space of Shared virtual bodies and medical image visualization. One of the members of the school of biomedical sciences and operators Jordan Nelson said: the so-called 'immersive reality training lab (' 身临其境的现实培训实验室实验室) The CSU is called a 'health education promotion center' ( 健康教育服务中心) Part of the new facilities. According to Nelson, the laboratory has 100 HP, and equipped with corresponding Samsung Odyssey + scalable hook head show, used for cable management, the head is used by a research assistant at the university of California state Richard etter ( Chad Eitel) Self-developed 'BananaVision' software. The head is divided into each quaternion, let students and teachers in a Shared virtual space visualization of complex three-dimensional anatomical images at the same time. The laboratory and its immersive visualization is a part of a larger anatomy education program, the students in traditional anatomy laboratory study, explore in immersive reality training laboratory grid model data and diagnostic imaging, on the assessment, and take the time to research the real body. Nelson said: 'in the immersion BananaVision software is used in the laboratory for the CSU anatomy course development. This software allows many students at the same time around the same virtual entity to collaborate, and teachers can from the front of the classroom to join any group virtual space. 'Can the students in the school, any day in immersion anatomy virtual bodies in the lab, create an image of the cross section, the various volumes of medical imaging. When someone asked about whether can replace the traditional teaching method, Nelson said although the new technology is more intuitive, more attractive complex anatomic visualization opened the door, but the establishment of the laboratory is to supplement the students' knowledge, rather than replace the existing teaching methods. According to introducing, the laboratory is at Colorado state university associate professor of anatomy and neuroanatomy Todd clapp ( 托托克拉普) Dr Ideas, he always wanted to develop visualization of the VR software focus on anatomy. Immersive Reality Training Lab is a new school facility Health Education at the Center of the part, and the latter got schools and non-profit organization, Colorado National Western Center COP.
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