College students to retrace the long march road, VR party education study

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
'The child, but walk on,' the old monitor with little soldier said slowly. Snow, cliffs, guizhou normal university's teachers and students are experiencing a different ideological education, using the VR technology, they incarnate 'little soldier', following the footsteps of red army soldiers retrace the red army long march difficult journey, learning VR party education. In early July, a VR party called 'VR to retrace the long march road' education activities in guizhou normal university. Single classroom teaching in a different way, with the past by VR experience, can communicate with old monitor, you can even see other fighters have holes garment unlined upper garment, feel through time, really to the long march on the road. Teachers and students put the VR devices, in the red army long march on the road of the classic live-action, relive each major battle and important meeting, also in the real experience of immersive feeling, realization beginner's mind, his mind passing on the long march spirit, carry forward the spirit of the red, absorbing its power. VR technology allows the real reappearance cause deep emotional resonance 'after wearing VR devices, I seemed to be able to feel the rushing of the dadu river water, feel the war roar of gunfire in the ear, and climb mountains wind whistle when can let me more of the red army long march when hard conditions of empathy. Fine detail, bringing me to 83 years ago the revolutionary war s full of blood and fire, the fighting spirit of the red army is not afraid of sacrifice and heroism of moving story also let I deeply infection, three-dimensional presentation styles are too powerful. ' Essence Guo Hongwei teacher teachers share with us the first time after the experience of her feelings. In the long march route again 'VR' VR party construction education projects, 360. VR panoramic video maximum zoom in the surrounding environment, to create a role to experience hearing, vision, and even touch the virtual interactive world, those experience immersive feeling, triggered a profound emotional resonance, to walk the line at the time of the red army long march, a firm has a more profound understanding of, and vigorously carry forward the red culture, for us to get a new era of the long march road firm confidence. Activate the ideological education of science and technology achievements to use VR borrows the VR technique experience teaching way, carry out the ideal faith and revolutionary tradition education, is the innovation education courses in our school education, an effective exploration of party education. Students RuanJinHao experience after the long march road 'again' VR excitedly said: 'it is just over ten minutes, but VR technology to construct the three-dimensional space for education courses on the left in the picture books of solid originally historical scenes, real experience made me to' cross the yudu ', 'bloody battle the xiangjiang river', 'zunyi conference', 'crossing chishui the fourth times' have a more intuitive understanding of these important historical events, all of a sudden on the long march route contexts have a clear cognition, compared to traditional textbooks, also more profound memory '. It is not hard to see, the VR technique to abstract knowledge of specific technology, through the words, pictures and other information of the realization forms, greatly decrease the difficulty of the students' learning and memory is more conducive to students deepen the understanding of education knowledge. At the same time, will be embedded in immersive VR education resources, the interactive teaching process, lets the student in contact with the spirit of the characters of realization in the virtual space, experience deeply the historical process, bring more real, immersive experience, realize the complementary 'virtual and reality', let the ideological education, party construction education lifelong unforgettable. Break limit using the VR technology extension of party education space VR technology has broken the traditional theme party education of the limitation of time and space, let us never leave home can free shuttle in multiple red education base, greatly enriches the party construction education form and content, the form of a novel and flexible operation attract more members to the initiative to interpret the spirit of the communists password. The emergence of VR technology makes teaching more scientific, higher efficiency, more rich and colorful, can provide intuitive, image multiple sensory stimulation of audiovisual materials. VR technology provides students with a lively intuitive thinking in images material, lets the student observe things cannot be observed in real life, realize 'online and offline interconnection. In the future, we will rely on the school as a 'national gen space, double gen demonstration base (at the provincial level VR technology development laboratory) 'Platform advantage, make great efforts to explore' VR + party building ', 'VR + education', 'big data + education', 'AI + education' thought college education new path, creating education 'gold'. Fresh content at the same time, dig times feeling is strong, on the basis of the theory of practical problems, active thinking, active living of people and things, to help college students learning directions in theory and practice of the world, the indexes of fog, thanks to new technology to the ideological and political theory class teaching content vivid, specific and interesting, thus further I cast the soul, is innovation, build a new era of ideological and political work lifeline.
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