Coin infrared simulation shooting large-scale simulated firing equipment virtual reality animal shooting

by:Fuhua     2020-10-26

coin shooting infrared simulation in virtual reality is a kind of shooting, fun shooting game, feeling shooting game as the main contents of the large simulated firing equipment. Fuhua intelligent science and technology Beijing coin infrared simulation shooting adopted by type arc screen vision figure, vivid hunter total immersion into; Independent research and development ASIC infrared positioning technology can realize real-time scores ranking, accurate shooting effects; Fuhua intelligent science and technology Beijing coin infrared simulation game gun shape in guaranteeing civil cosmetic requirements at the same time, try to keep some features of the real guns, each to pull the trigger, the release of high pressure gas will give you the most real feeling. Fuhua intelligent science and technology Beijing coin appearance using infrared simulated firing weapon prototype 1:1 modelling design, realistic appearance, entertainment excitant strong. Very suitable for amusement park, park, scenic spots, shopping malls and other places to use. Fuhua intelligent science and technology Beijing coin infrared simulation shooting body-building entertainment as a whole, according to the majority of consumers' interest and hobby elaborate design all kinds of different style, is a new type of comprehensive strong amusement project shooting. Let the stimulation of usually can only see in film and television shooting scenes moved to the consumer side, let them see and feel the thrill of the shooting game. Coin infrared simulation shooting device equipped with high-end market comparison coin, with COINS, anti counterfeit money, no card currency, to manage, save manpower, improve efficiency, revenue situation background be clear at a glance. At the same time, the hunter shooting experience pavilion coin infrared simulation shooting equipment also made three pricing modes: the first stage mode model, the second bullet mode, the third time model, three kinds of pricing mode in management of the field, can be set automatically according to actual situation.

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