Classic IP new VR masterpiece: 'Star Wars: the edge of the Milky Way'

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
According to foreign media reports vrscout, American immersive entertainment studio ILMxLAB and Oculus Stutios will once again with the Oculus Studios, the launch later this year to create a new VR games 'Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge' ( Chinese literal translation: the edge of the Milky Way) 。 It is understood that at present the few specific details, including expected in the end, and seems to be in a Disney theme park will be able to experience the VR games. ILMxLAB this is not the first time with the Oculus Studios cooperation, the development of the 'Star Wars: Vader Immortal', won widespread praise after launch, after ILMxLAB has also revealed that will continue to new exploration in VR, and they choose to Disney's new open park in 'Star Wars: the edge of the Milky Way' as a theme, are really looking forward to. Learned, Star Wars: the Milky Way's edge is 14 of the construction of the $1 billion - acre area of Disney investment theme park, which is set on the edge of the galaxy a unknown batu planet ( Batuu) The trading port, park on the scene in the movie facilities such as the falcon one thousand distinct reduction, shocked me. While Star Wars: the edge of the galaxy legend VR games are set in the background of batu planet colonial black peaks standing ( 黑色尖顶前哨) , using the new story and characters. Play will be combined with a large number of action adventure, means that the might contain fighting, shooting scene. In addition, the work of another big characteristic is to support different gameplay and the difficulty, can let you choose your own adventure, free inquiry by the edge of the galaxy. ILMxLAB hope this game will be beyond the 'one-way exchange' narrative form, become a 'story' of life. I want to make 'made by the players choose to push forward the experience'. The game is a big probability Disney will use it for offline in the theme park. Disney's Scott Trowbridge said: this would upend the Disney theme park experience, it will let visitors no matter inside or outside in the park can be immersed in VR in the story. But now the landing platform has yet to announce, also likely before such as cooperation projects a year monopoly in the Oculus platform.
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