Chongqing JingYing Open Day, VR simulation actual combat training new way - Vr experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-23
Can be sprinting in the wilderness, in the ruins of bunker against gangsters, even the gun, changing cartridge can simulate real condition, wearing VR glasses, just like standing on the battlefield, really swat team operations on a team with you. This is not the 'chicken', it is a new way of training, VR simulation actual combat training. 27, the chongqing municipal public security bureau held a JingYing Open Day activities, invited the media reporters, network big V and people on behalf of more than 40 people into the swat team, watched the swat team members daily training, also with swat team members to experience this new way of training. 27 morning, swat team climbing training, swat team members are training for climbing rope down. This training is crucial building special training course. Swat team members without any tools quickly along the lightning rod, downspout arrange a wall and using the tool for the rope down from the roof down the wall quickly to specify the action to the specified location, climbing rope fall easily, climbing as the medal of honor airborne. See the swat team lead, citizens also want to try. Nate article 17, is one of them, a week ago, he saw the peaceful chongqing weibo solicitation swat JingYing experience, just sign up on weibo message many times, hope to be able to round his 'JingYing dream'. Finally today, nate interpreta dream. From the first step to step, did not dare to move, to overcome the fear of self later, finish line drop, nate wen admitted that he had a test. This activity is the most special, it is a special VR virtual battle. Swat team members in jiang new area of science and technology company VR experience room, and people on behalf of the formation on a virtual battle together. 'VR build battlefield compared to the real world, there are still large gaps, especially after the VR helmet Dai Jiu prone to vertigo. Swat and liu Ming said, 'but it has the advantage that can easily simulate various scenarios, such as the scene of the fire and explosion site not the actual experience of the scene, or the train station, shopping malls, airports, etc to carry out the practice difficult scene. The VR technology has been used in the United States, South Korea police training. Technology is a force multiplier, big data, such as artificial intelligence technology has proved their important role in police actual combat. Believe that with technical progress, VR simulation world will be more and more real, also can play a more and more important role in the areas of police training. VR technology can not only supplement to swat tactical awareness training, also can pass the sensors to collect trainees of heart rate, blood pressure, and the fatigue data, used to computer the background data analysis, to evaluate trainees psychology, operational quality, etc. By activities, the special police training and have more in-depth understanding of the practical requirements, the next step is to make changes according to the feedback devices and software, using the best technology help police training. VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR, AR, MR, AI technology, science and technology innovation is the integrated hardware and software research and development, the integration of content customization, design, construction, production and sales and marketing services as one of the high-tech enterprise. Launch three series of VR games equipment, dozens of VR equipment product, contains a variety of VR games types. VR games equipment products are exported to at home and abroad, all over the world exports to Britain and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 20 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. VR simulator manufacturer to 'for the masses bring happiness, create value for customers 'as our mission, is committed to bring profit for customer, become your best partner! Provide one-stop VR experience pavilion to join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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