Chongqing jiangbei airport by 5 g + VR 'roaming mountain city'

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
In the future, in chongqing jiangbei international airport, can experience more than 5 g interactive experience. Recently, 5 g for quick layout experience, landing in chongqing mobile and chongqing airport group collaboration between the 'roaming mountain city chongqing jiangbei international airport - — 5 g + wisdom tour experience hall ', take advantage of 5 g + VR, a power of chongqing literature brigade integration development. At present, chongqing is to speed up the building of chongqing tourism development, to grasp the big brigade to promote quality, perfect service system 'quick' brigade slowly swim, enhance urban development level, improve people's quality of life. Chongqing mobile positive practice, use 5 g + network advantages, promote the innovation in large data intelligent utilization, brigade fusion development power of chongqing. It is understood that show at the airport 5 g + wisdom tour experience hall 5 g + VR live cloud system, based on ultra high rate and low delay of 5 g, shooting system will be a panoramic camera collection of chongqing each big scenic spot real-time image 'zero delay' transferred to the cloud rendering push streaming server, as long as put on the connection of 5 g networks VR devices, experience can be all-round, multi-angle to appreciate the jiangbei, wulong born three bridge, fengjie treasure real-time scenery scenic spot. Chongqing airport passengers, to avoid the crowds, was relieved from the eastlands, not out of the airport can clock in chongqing all hot spots, gives the implementation of the 'quick' brigade slowly swim new carrier, a new method. According to the relevant person in charge of chongqing mobile, the experience is China mobile signed with the chongqing municipal government hall 5 g + 'digital chongqing' construction of strategic cooperation agreement first 5 g + business experience project, is China mobile to actively support the wisdom tour development, integrate tourism big data resources, participate in the city's wisdom, active practice of the construction of the brigade. Experience hall is located in the jiangbei international airport T3 terminal building the domestic departure hall, in addition to live 5 g + VR cloud, and the spinning, mora robots, etc. 5 g interactive experience project. In 5 g + VR cloud technology 'blessing', chongqing are multiple web celebrity attractions VR server, visitors put on VR glasses, can realize long-distance real-time roaming 'mountain city', compensate for the regret unable to visit the scenic spot tour, to achieve 'a pair of glasses in chongqing, immersive web celebrity'.
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