China mobile will broadcast live on mount Everest VR 5 g had the roof of the world

by:Fuhua     2020-08-30
Team in China 60th anniversary summit of mount Everest, the China mobile in blockbuster recently launched the clouds to see mount Everest 4 k + VR slow live events, in snow area plateau belt you VR had the roof of the world, 360 - degree panorama broadcast live pamulang peak. At high altitude, the limit of low temperature environment, how to guarantee the stability of the signal and transmission becomes a top priority, relying on the forefront of China mobile's network technology and the 4 k + VR Migu hardcore ultra hd broadcast technology support, at an altitude of 5300 meters Everest VR slowly live in Migu video, mobile cloud VR well online, 24 hours a day in real time to present the beauty of the Everest, which is by far the domestic highest live slow. It is understood that China mobile will also constantly refresh the live broadcast of the height, according to latest news ahead, 5800 meters of broadcast signal test also has been completed, will be launched. To meet all user scenario 'immersion' reward the demand of the Everest, China mobile provides viewers with two VR traveling Everest ways - — Naked eye Migu video phone end VR, mobile cloud VR immersion see mt. Everest. First of all, the audience can choose to enter Migu video VR see Everest zone, through the touch screen or turn the phone to switch from the Angle of 360 degrees of freedom, and realize the naked eye VR, easy to break the time and space constraints, 'leap' snow area plateau, real-time cloud see Everest 24 hours to live: the sunrise, pristine Bai Xueying the sunrise sunshine jinshan beautiful cheng jing; The hot sunshine, combined with the blue sky of the vast Spaces; Bright, up ahead in the plateau is the most dazzling star. At the same time, users can also through the wearing VR devices ( One-piece or split type VR glasses) VR 'into' mobile cloud, never leave home for unlimited VR panoramic see Everest extreme experience: from time to time is ahead in the pure blue sky, overlooking the vast earth, and sometimes feel the cold wind, even though miles apart, can easily 'on mount Everest,' let everything 'immersion' around the corner. In addition, also launched aerial road, plateau documentary documentary, tourism and so on Everest VR premium content, here, you can through the perspective of VR mountaineer, the last 100 meters of mount Everest, a taste of the helicopter VR perspective snow area plateau boundless and majestic, road, 5354 meters can also experience personally polar camp. As an application of 5 g era killer VR opens up a new 'visual' for us. Migu earlier, China mobile has in traditional sports, entertainment, culture, tourism and other fields for a variety of VR high-definition broadcast of exploration and practice, and created the world record for the first time for many times. According to China telecom, in order to achieve the unprecedented VR live, high-definition camera, workers will be 2 road set up a camp at an altitude of 5300 meters, mount Everest and Everest base camp image respectively, VR cameras deployed at an altitude of 5000 meters of the flannelette temple, all three levels of high-definition video based on China telecom at an altitude of 5300 meters of the construction of the network, to complete the signal comes back.
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