Children vr experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-10-22

want children vr experience pavilion, how much money league. Traditional entertainment facilities, no longer appeal to consumers, let people play, many will go to VR theme parks, recreational stronger, and often play is not greasy, popularity is very good, so the VR experience pavilion which one is more popular? Vr is, of course, the future children experience pavilion, has very good development, and launch entertainment equipment more complete, convenient for people to play! How much children vr experience pavilion league.

small children vr experience pavilion investment cost is mainly composed of venue costs, use of equipment purchase cost, auxiliary service facilities in the park, venue construction costs, personnel costs, water and electricity fee of several aspects, for ease of comparison, we take 100 - small children's amusement park as an example for data calculation:

1, the small child vr experience's cost:

if it is a lease premises, small children vr experience's expense of region, city, location and other factors. In second - and third-tier cities, according to the principle of site selection, site should choose where is not far from downtown, basically, vr lower-tier cities 100 - small children experience pavilion site costs about 10000 yuan.

2 vr, small children experience pavilion equipment purchase cost vr experience pavilion used 100 square meters of small children. Children vr experience pavilion equipment including lone star children vr, AR sand table.

3 vr, small children experience hall affiliated facilities costs.

children vr experience pavilion operating what note is there?

children vr equipment operating what note is there? When children vr equipment in operation need to know what knowledge?

the first, the necessary marketing knowledge, to make their children vr experience pavilion passenger flow constantly, will have to be issued a series of propaganda policy.

second, must be familiar with their children's vr experience of products, such as some product characteristics, the use of the note, repair and maintenance methods.

the third, to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance products, so as the operators of the equipment you are about to conduct regular maintenance and inspection.

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