Children experience the earthquake feel and function of the hut

by:Fuhua     2020-11-12

earthquake is ruthless, but the town there is love! Especially the knowledge of earthquake danger, can enjoy life. Natural disaster is not terrible, but only from life to do all kinds of emergency measures, to all sorts of natural disasters, have confidence can help people to escape. With the development of high-tech, earthquake experience at the cottage was born. The earthquake we are all don't want to happen, but if the earthquake happened, some people, especially children, for the first time encounter earthquake, met magnitude or greater, will be nervous to don't know how to do? If experience the earthquake, and experience to learn to avoid, to be sure that your own life, but where can experience the earthquake house like this? You can go to places of entertainment check, because the earthquake house space is very small, but will produce a great power. In this earthquake experience room, through professional equipment, 1 to 8 earthquake will simulate produce effect, cooperate with lifelike sound, light, as if to feel the real earthquake. Children can learn how to protect themselves, to avoid injury in the earthquake.

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