CES 2020: VRgineers launched the new 8 k super wide XTAL head

by:Fuhua     2020-09-24
Focus on enterprise XTAL head show manufacturer VRgineers at CES 2020 released its latest edition superwide FOV head show, the product is equipped with 2 pieces of monocular 4 k display, the company called '8 k', moreover also brings improvement on the lens. XTAL is designed to meet the need such as aviation, engineering, medicine, super clear and precise image quality, wide field of vision, FOV) Specialized industry application, easy integration, data security and development, can be used in the prototype, education and training of the virtual design and build. In addition XTAL won't save any data, not to transfer the data to a third party, and there is no back door, 后门) In 2020, is expected to be in the first three months of the second half of the listing. Latest generation of XTAL is currently the only has 8 k resolution and with many advanced technology to support a variety of professional application scenario VR headsets, eyes each equipped with a 70 Hz update rate of 4 k LCD monitor, to support the 8 k resolution with 180 - degree view; Have the fixation point rendering ( 漏斗状呈现) Ability, can provide much higher than the existing image quality and resolution of VR helmet; The customization aspherical ( 非球面) And the patent of the Fresnel optical VR lens. In addition and possess the professional level up to 210 images per second update eye-tracking function; Built-in Leap Motion Ultraleap hand tracking sensor, can let users easily by hands, by the high degree of freedom ( 景深) Precise and low latency with VR scene interaction, and obtain the real-time immersive experience; With augmented reality ( AR) Additional modules to support the mixed reality ( 先生) Experience; Have VirtualLink connection interface and connection; Equipped with compatible helmet base to support simulation version. Global initiative for XTAL AutoEye system through the built-in eyeball camera to detect the user's eyes distance, IPD) And automatically adjust the XTAL VR lens ( Range of 56 to 76 mm) With optimal image quality and VR experience, for there are often multiple users share the XTAL condition is very convenient and can save a lot of personal time adjustment. XTAL also provides advanced can focus to compensate for diopter adjustment type, so the user can wear glasses. XTAL built-in microphone and voice recognition software can support users in VR scene or operated by voice commands in the App, no longer need to take the use of the menu; The built-in sound card can provide space 3 d sound to strengthen the overall sense of immersion. XTAL has been optimized design, therefore VRgineers recommended collocation use computing performance on the market the most powerful graphics boards such as NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 etc in order to provide the best effect. XTAL existing users will receive substantial software updates, including eye tracking SDK and viewpoint rendering the SDK, and accurate perception of depth and dimension of the new distortion algorithm ( 扭曲算法) Will be further opened, with the gap of current competitors. Also XTAL perfect integration of 3 d visualization software of Autodesk VRED, provides the high visual fax and real-time rendering ability, in order to support and simplify the product design, prototyping, review, training, display program, etc. XTAL tracking system covers the integration of 3 dof rotating track, and helmet built-in Optitrack and clip-on AR tracking, MoSys camera tracking ( 相机跟踪) , the Lighthouse SteamVR locator, Vicon motion capture, such as selection of 6 dof expansion. XTAL multicast ( multicast) Function can support single computer connect to multiple XTAL helmet display at the same time, and get the NVIDIA VRWorks official support in order to enhance performance, and provide other advanced features. In addition to these improvements, the new XTAL show the shape of the head not much different from previous version, and also on many function the same as the earlier versions, including 180 ° FOV, with automatic IPD adjustment of eye tracking, SteamVR tracking and Ultraleap manual tracking. In terms of price, a new product that the price is about $8000, mainly for business users. The XTAL head show before version of the game have been used in the United States department of defense, the us navy and NASA.
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