Campus security should not be ignored, VR earthquake simulation is indispensable!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

popularization earthquake knowledge, enhance the national earthquake knowledge, improve the ego to protect consciousness, improve the ability of response to earthquakes and other emergencies, VR adopted some high-tech display, in order to increase the earthquake simulation knowledge, interest and participation, interactive, refreshing. Because it integrates modern display means such as film and television technology, photoelectric technology, which makes the earthquake simulation show the content and form have high starting point, large content of science and technology, full of era characteristics.

in earthquake simulation experience real feel the power of nature, the fear of the earthquake, the test of adolescents in the disaster tolerance, the final purpose of education.

virtual reality technology to make 3D simulation environment, earthquake simulation of various kinds of seismic waves, the user wearing VR glasses immersive, more realistic experience the earthquake scene.

believe that experienced campus life as we know, safety accidents frequently occur. And we generally weak ego to protect consciousness, which is why campus once accident is almost tragic. Fortunately, today's society, the progress of science and technology for this kind of situation has improved. The application of virtual reality technology in the campus safety education is becoming more and more indispensable.

VR earthquake simulation can accurately simulate earthquake precursor, sudden earthquake emergency response, let you not to panic. When the earthquake, VR earthquake simulation can guide you find the right place safe escape. Use small objects to protect themselves, to make themselves from harm. Avoid obstacles in the process of escape and dangerous areas, VR earthquake simulation has a set of relatively perfect process, the direction of listening to the voice guide can quickly fled to safety area. The key is that after the earthquake aftershocks. In the VR earthquake simulation can be complete.

in addition, VR earthquake simulation software also can be applied to the public security protection, popular science education, emergency evacuation training, protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters, and other fields. Through such a software, it is easy to feel unable to experience the earthquake scene at ordinary times, can be in immersive experience really understand and master the survival skills. These are the words explanation, image effect is unable to substitute.

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