Binzhou first earthquake experience community hall in rainbow lake has been open to the public

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

house shrinks, the squeal of the alarm, the furniture in the house began to slip, the overhead light shaking badly, the earthquake! This is July 15 in marina city rainbow lake city west street community earthquake experience at scene.

it is understood that the rainbow lake earthquake simulation experience pavilion by the marina district seismological bureau and the city west street office together, by the new digital technology co. , LTD. , dongguan 13 of this month, the opening to the outside world. The whole structure by electronic hand books, inclined cabin, earthquake escape platform, building aseismic hut, knowledge, popular science experience center of six parts.

earthquake experience pavilion is the upper house, simulation environment that occupy the home, the lower part is a hydraulic platform that simulates earthquake effect at the time of the longitudinal wave, shear wave and surface wave. Magnitude simulation range of 3 to 8, the largest number eight people experience. And experience through experience the earthquake magnitude, can gradually eliminate the fear of the earthquake, learn to save themselves when earthquake method. Considering the experience of safety, level of experience of much smaller than the real earthquake acceleration, this can prevent experience falls. From now on is open to residents of all the year round, the exhibition hall is also equipped with staff. Mr Wang said of the city west street association for science and technology.

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