Apple's latest patent: myopia wear VR head pain points are expected to solve

by:Fuhua     2020-09-30
Current virtual reality wearing equipment is one of the pain, not everyone has perfect vision. Many people with glasses or contact lenses to correct vision, which will bring challenge head display manufacturers. In the apple to obtain the latest patent, is expected to solve the pain points. On Tuesday, the United States trademark and Patent Office ( USPTO) Granted patents and published a apple, name for 'Head - Mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with the display, 'apple puts forward a new solution. In fact, apple has repeatedly use the name of the patent, each iteration will increase some changes on the design. Fundamentally speaking, the device is composed of a glass frame, the iPhone can slide into glass frame, and connected to the internal connector, a glass frame can locate that iPhone directly in front of the user's eyes. In the new patent, apple special mention is proposed by using the iPhone's screen to display the image, at the same time between the screen and user's eyes to join the optical element, let users correctly focused on the image, as if the screen than the reality, the farther from the eye. The description of the patent, said the optical element can also be used in regular glasses. It can be used for both the head of the general design, can also be used to use 'has display function of mobile phones' head design, it shows that it is a can be used for the iPhone - Display version outside of the system. In the concept of apple, optical components will be used for each eye coaxial arrangement of lens, or use the dynamic optical components can be adjusted by the central system. These optical components can include the lens, light guide plate and light source, lens and diffuser. The system will use the prescription glasses or contact lenses to adjust the position of the optical components and configuration information, in order to correct the user's vision, effectively to add the benefits of the prescription lenses in the components. In fact, this will let users your glasses or contact lenses, wearing headphones, don't lose vision in the experience. The system will have a processor, according to the user's specific prescription to switch between the different configuration, but for normal vision of new users, the system will be feasible to 'standards' setting. In addition to the lens component, the patent also mentioned how to adjust the display screen for better service to the user's vision, including change the image on the screen and the position of the eyes, and adjust the content size to maintain consistency. p class = ' MsoNormal”=“左”>对齐 In simple terms, apple will provide a glass frame, can make the iPhone insert through internal connection, make the iPhone in the screen display content at the same time, between the screen and user's eyes to join the optical element, let myopia users focus on the image accurately. In addition to this way, it can also adjust the size of the display image and position, make the image look more clear.
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