Apple's acquisition of VR NextVR broadcast service company, formally enter the VR

by:Fuhua     2020-09-20
On May 15, according to foreign media reports, the company has acquired VR ( Virtual reality) NextVR broadcast service company, then, bloomberg also released the news confirms this. It is unclear how apple will use NextVR development of technology, but it is reported that the company is developing a AR glasses and a certain type of helmet, One or two devices may have similar equipment HoloLens Windows mixing reality and Magic Leap One operating mode of the VR components. It now owns Apple TV +, provided an app, can be NextVR camera site content transmission to smartphones and other screen, the screen may be with the AR and VR equipment matching. Why is going to buy apple NextVR? In a lot of discussion about AR as the next generation computing platform, apple's interest in VR may be greater than previously forecast. On the surface, the acquisition for apple seems to be a little strange. Apple has been in the effort to promote mobile AR technology, to a great extent, to avoid the VR world public activities or interests, this area completely to the Facebook. At the end of last year, there are media reports that apple has to inform the staff, it may be possible to ship in 2022 a combination of the function of AR and VR devices, overall dimensions similar to the Oculus Quest. This combined with the acquisition, which indicates that apple plans in VR may be deeper than previously disclosed. In iOS appeared in recent years, we don't know whether apple really achieve a lot about a grand target of AR content. Therefore, in the next few years issued a 'mixed reality' ( 先生) Headphones, and continue to promote developers on the AR content innovation, at the same time, meet the customers' requirements to rely on a wider range of VR content, for the launch of the first generation of AR equipment is of practical significance. Such as Apple around Apple TV + efforts to set up a huge influence in the field of content, they are more likely to use such acquisitions, in the content network extended to they are early movers are developing the new equipment. The main problem is all of this effort, the content of the VR optimization not well into AR experience. NextVR solution using the full field of view of existing VR equipment, puts users fully 3 d environments. But AR device users eventually cannot in the same way to experience the content, this is not the technical reasons, but because there has been no has the use of such content field AR device, and progress in this field is quite slow. Existing AR equipment may not for VR is optimized, and vice versa, but apple may have to try, and assumes that this kind of situation will last for a long time. As the Magic Leap grew silent, when apple finally unveiled a AR equipment, they may find themselves into a dead area, little non-enterprise development work in progress. For a long time, apple has relied on its relationship with developers to attract people interested in the new platform of early, but as a result of ARKit consumer interest so far not established basically, can be expected, many developers might be released for any ambitious AR a wait-and-see attitude, this will give apple's ability to collect AR content brings heavy burden to bear. So far, apple is the biggest failure in ARKit themselves unable to highlight the potential of the platform for mobile devices. Through several iterations of AR development platform, the company in the first party show cases in more conservative than ever before. Their most striking disclosure of 3 d measurement is a downloadable application. For a long time, almost no unique use of space platform of popular literature. In the meantime, VR may be apple's investment safer areas. Good VR contents are usually more easy to make it less dependent on the interaction with the real world, developers to experience more end-to-end control. Using NextVR technology, apple can freely for a wider range of VR content, the content can appreciate on 'mixed reality' equipment, can also be in the future technology more advanced AR glasses to appreciate. Tim cook, Tim Cook) And apple's leadership of many other people to speak out, they are excited about the potential of AR, but as developers continue to work hard to find the potential, VR may appeal to a longer-term strategy is becoming more and more important. But the move, apple company purchase NextVR company has also been widely read as apple is forthcoming VR for himself a big step in the terminal equipment.
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