Antilatency launch OpenVR systemic dynamic Steam VR system driver compatibility

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
Russia still capture technology provider Antilatency in location-based entertainment field has made considerable progress. The company to develop customized systemic dynamic capture system combines optical inertia motion capture module and equipped with infrared sensor extensible floor mat, implements the immersive experience in general tracking, when combined with VR head show use, the package is able to provide location based multi-user immersive experience. Since dynamic capture system was launched in 2019, the whole body, Russia still catching technology vendors Antilatency have been improving the system, and increased its earlier this year to the Oculus Quest support. Recently, the company for the system to launch new OpenVR system driver, to add their SteamVR head of compatible. At present the drive from Antilatency website free downloads, through the drive Antilatency systemic dynamic capture system will be compatible with SteamVR head. New OpenVR system driver also compatible for the user's head, legs and object tracking Antilatency trackers and wearing wristbands. The wristbands can be used as a handle alone, very suitable for manipulating 'Beat the Saber, this kind of pursuit of rhythm of the VR. Antilatency said: 'since release through capture system, we have received the customer wants to the system that is compatible with SteamVR demand. Through the untiring efforts of the development team, we finally introduced is easy to install and use the compatibility of driver version, and through the 'Beat the Saber, the game has carried on the systemic dynamic demonstration, the result shows that the drive perfectly presented Antilatency systemic dynamic tracking accuracy and stability of the capture system. 'Although most of the VR head is equipped with a tracking system, but to pay attention to accurate positioning of LBE offline VR experience store, Antilatency systemic dynamic capture system can meet the demand for high precision positioning. Users via a fitted with Antilatency tracker head and wristbands, shape and size can be customized range of modular space experience VR rhythm sound swim 'Beat the Saber '. At present, Antilatency systemic dynamic system development suite priced at $350 to get started, the suite includes configuration cable USB socket Antilatency trackers and can track the modular floor of 10 square meters. As new OpenVR system driver, Antilatency users will be able to wear compatible SteamVR PCVR head show feel whole body motion capture technology brought about by the extreme experience. The VR considering many offline VR stores use head type is given priority to with PC VR, Antilatency launch OpenVR drive is also in order to meet the needs of customers, let offline experience store can also be used on this support custom portable programs.
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