Animals also VR glasses, virtual reality technology breeding

by:Fuhua     2020-08-30
Moscow in northwest krasnodar, al gore, a dairy farm, a group of VR glasses of cow is immersed in a quiet summer pasture, the pasture is tailored for cows. According to department of agriculture and food in Moscow, a local farms are testing by giving cows wear VR glasses, to reduce the anxiety of cows, in order to increase milk production. In order to let the cows in the VR glasses feel real and wonderful world, authorities also employs many experts in the field of IT technology, including VR designer, the designer responsible for dairy cows to create the field of VR scene in summer. According to introducing, cattle visual unlike humans, more sensitive to the spectrum red, perception of green and blue are weaker, so the VR show also the cow and cow's vision for the special design, in line with the 'cow body engineering'. Researchers say VR glasses can help cows to relax the mood, in the case of happy milk, also is expected to increase milk production. And during the test, the researchers found that cows wear VR glasses, after the overall mood improved. This is not no scientific basis, according to the wageningen university ( 瓦赫宁根大学) A study of the cow, the cow's emotional state and a link between the quality and quantity of milk. Actually in animal husbandry, aquaculture personnel have been through different ways to raise livestock. Such as netease epicenter advocate is humanization, black pig sleep apartment here, listen to music, squat toilet, drink deep groundwater, the liquid pig food eaten by it is said that people can directly eat, let many people sigh 'pig' as you are. Similarly, Russia also has the dairy farmers to cow playing classical music relieve mood, American farmers are automatically by a rotating brush to help massages. When the VR technology, and others began a new attempt. Cows wear VR glasses in Moscow earlier, in 2017, an American of VR company second livestock plans to chicken VR glasses on. The chickens are kept in the interior space, through VR glasses, but they can see green grass blue sky, the sun is shining in the farm, and there are a group of 'virtual' chicken company, when the chicken want to drink or eat in VR world, the feed box will automatically open in reality. At the same time these chicken feet standing on a sphere can rotate 360 degrees, can make them feel free to run on the field, and through the sensor to detect every bird exercise, if insufficient exercise which chickens can simulated sunlight to stimulate its movement, indoors can also raise 'chicken'. But whether VR chickens or VR cattle, only a small range of tests, the feasibility of the technology remains to be proved, moreover also had to consider the cost factor. But what is undeniable is that the 'pig face recognition' has appeared in every large pig farm today, science and technology and the farming and animal husbandry of contact will be more and more closely.
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