American schools introduce VR, bullying realistic experience to develop empathy

by:Fuhua     2020-09-29
If youth there will be a pain, it also shouldn't be bullying. In real life, bullying. According to figures released in May this year, highest since 2018, the procuratorial organ has approved the arrest bullying crimes of 3407 people, charged 5750 people. And this may be just the tip of the iceberg, because a lot of bullying children choose silence. Bullying is appeared, the reason behind is multifaceted. But because of reasons of complex, only increased the difficulty of governance. Not only in China, but in other countries, there is the phenomenon of bullying. Among them, CBS reported four grade to the twelfth grade students in the United States, almost 50% in the past been bullied at least once a year, and 31% had played bully role. To stop bullying, these countries are scrambling to seriously. Recently, springfield, New Jersey school introducing virtual reality VR technology in the classroom, using immersive VR to let students feel the true feelings of being bullied. The move aims to cultivate the students' empathy. Experts believe that when children have the ability to understand other people's feelings, they seldom go to bully others. Therefore, 'empathy' ability is bullying prevention and intervention of an important measure. In order to better cultivate their ability of 'empathy', the introduction of modern technology such as VR, adopt the way of the game, outside to leave children in simulation scenarios, enabling them to 'empathy'. Under the guidance of this concept, the springfield school some bullying video recording, including racial discrimination, verbal abuse, physical attack, and so on. A real case including a girl called Erica Carrie, when she was in high school because she likes to play with male students, students often reject. She also had posted a picture of male students and to the 'friends', 'slut' being open to scold. Erica Carrie said, only let the bully truly stand in the perspective of the victim to feel the whole thing, they will understand that bullying will give how to hurt others. VR technology can not only cultivate the students' empathy, prevent the happening of the campus violence; Personifying it can also be hurt students and students with violent psychological intervention, in a timely manner to let the students mental health recovery. The technique has achieved good results in desensitization. I once had a acrophobe various dangerous road in the virtual reality and boarded the high-rise overlooking the distance, and finally overcome the fear of heights. This kind of treatment in previously impossible. And in terms of psychological trauma treatment, virtual reality therapy is much more effective than the traditional talk therapy and role playing. Therefore, for students have long suffered bullying, virtual reality technology + desensitization therapy can let the students gradually restore the mental health. Concomitant childhood should be WenXuHe love rather than violence and bullying 'happy childhood cure life, unfortunate childhood use lifetime to cure'.
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